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These companies all came up in the filtered results of a microcap scan looking for potential value in stocks under 1c AUD. These all fall under the super high risk category and could get delisted or fall to 0, so as always, do your own research and make your own assessments. 

RBR – RBR Group Ltd

RBR Group is a company headquartered in Perth, operating in Australia and Mozambique. The services provided by the company are aimed around recruitment and training with exposure to resource development. The current share price is $0.004

Company Website: https://www.rbrgroup.com.au/

ASX: https://www2.asx.com.au/markets/company/rbr

Intrinsic Score – RBR returned an intrinsic score of 4.52.

CLE – Cyclone Metals

Cyclone Metals is a mineral development company providing exposure to cobalt, lithium, iron ore, copper, uranium and lead-silver-zinc assets. The share price is sitting at $0.004 also.

Company Website: https://cyclonemetals.com/

ASX: https://www2.asx.com.au/markets/company/cle

Intrinsic Score – CLE returned an intrinsic score of 6.53.

AXP – AXP Energy Ltd

AXP is an American based oil and gas exploration and production company currently priced at $0.007 on the ASX stock market.

Company Website: https://fremontpetroleum.com/

ASX: https://www2.asx.com.au/markets/company/axp

Intrinsic Score – AXP returned an intrinsic score of 2.87.

AYM – Australian United Mining Ltd

This company engages in exploration and development of mineral properties in NSW and QLD. They explore for gold, silver, nickel and copper.

Company Website: http://australiaunitedmining.com.au/

ASX: https://www2.asx.com.au/markets/company/aym

Intrinsic Score – AYM returned an intrinsic score of 2.43.

CI1 – Credit Intelligence Ltd

Credit Intelligence is a diversified debt restructuring and personal insolvency management business. This company may have an expanding market given the interest rate cycle could be shifting soon, from falling rates to rising rates. As inflation wages war on the economy, many unsuspecting people may not anticipate the shifts that are incoming in terms of lending and mortgages. This company is operating in Hong Kong. There have been several companies from China list on the ASX and it is sometimes not in line with the accounting that is shown, please be careful as what looks good on paper could be going somewhere else outside of Australia. One example is XPD, a Chinese Soccer Gear company. It had great fundamentals and accounts however the actual reality was not the case at all. Something to be aware of.

Company Website: https://www.ci1.com.au/http://australiaunitedmining.com.au/

ASX: https://www2.asx.com.au/markets/company/ci1

Intrinsic Score – CI1returned an intrinsic score of 0.25.

How to research a company

Assessing the risks and rewards of this company, as with any company will be important. The questions that could be answered through research might be things like, how is the company’s financials regulated once they are abroad (Mozambique). How could the company improve what they are doing and are the markets they operate in worth investing in? These types of questions can be answered by looking over the website and getting a good idea of what the company actually does to generate profit.

The next step would be to work out the value of the company. The value and dollar amounts in terms of assets (what the company owns), debts (what the company owes) and income (what the company earns) will be a big help in this research process. Company reports can be found on the ASX website and these reports detail the accounts for the company.

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