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Manara Trading Bot

Manara trading bot is an ai trading robot that scans and creates trade setups for the forex market. It also has access to scan and search patterns across commodities like gold, silver, index markets like the S&P or Nasdaq and more.

The manara trading bot uses ai to find setups in a range of markets and you can even filter what markets and timeframes you want to work with so that you don’t have to get alerts across the markets and timeframes you don’t want to trade. 

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Manara Trading Results Day Trading

Manara Forex Pattern Trading Tool Results – Made x in 6 hours from $370 trading account day trading session.

Stay to the end and find out the results of the trading session, what trading analysis was required, what time was needed and most importantly the max drawdown seen (for anything trying to pass an FTMO or prop firm challenge).

What is Manara AI?

Manara AI bot is an artificial intelligence robot that provides trading alerts based on AI used to trade financial markets in particular, for foreign exchange (forex) markets. 

Manara trading bot is designed to use artificial intelligence to determine patterns and setups along with stop loss and target information to help traders identify opportunities to further investigate and trade on.

Is Manara Legit?

Yes, manara trading tool is a legitimate trading tool which scans financial markets for traders looking for opportunities to buy and sell. 

How to get Manara Trading Bot

To get manara trading tool, you must first have an invite code or referral from someone to allow you in and access the trading tool. 

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right page and the code is right below:

Referral code is: globalfinancetrading

Copy and paste the above code when it is requested.

Where can I buy Manara Alert AI Bot?

You can access the Manara alert ai bot via the Eaconomy website and select Manara option to purchase.

How to Use Manara Trading Tool

This video shows you how to use the Manara Trading Tool. Once you have access, you simply go to the tool in your Eaconomy portal and then access the Manara trading tool via your browser. Once in, you can easily choose the instruments or symbols to view, along with the preferred timeframes. 

Once in, you will see a list of patterns setting up and also complete patterns so that you can see what has worked previously too. 

Seeing the historic patterns, timeframes and how it played out on a real chart can be a massive confidence booster for traders and give them insight into what happens after a pattern completes. 

Check out the video to see the tool in play and how the buttons and features work.

What does the Manara trading bot do?

While some people call it a trading bot, it isn’t quite a ‘bot’ in the way most people think of it. Manara runs on artificial intelligence and is a tool used to identify trade setups, however it does not trade for you like many bots do. If you are looking for a trading bot, check out Aithena, also by Eaconomy. Manara provides alerts and analysis to assist traders in making their own trading decisions in financial markets such as forex. 

What Alerts does AI Manara provide?

Manara harmonic scanner provides real time insights, pattern recognition, technical analysis and trade ideas on financial markets like the forex markets. 

The tool uses ai to create and map out trades based on technical data, pricing and more.

Eaconomy Manara Software

The Manara software by eaconomy offers an AI powered web based tool that saves people time scanning the markets to help keep sharp and stay focused. By receiving insights and trade ideas to your device on the go, or while at home, traders are able to seek opportunities in the forex markets with the help of AI and provides traders with trade alerts. 

Manara AI Trading Reviews

The tool can be seen in the video on this page, and can be a helpful educational tool for new traders trying to learn about technical patterns and setups along with stop loss placement and targeting.

For more experienced traders, it can be a way to find trades to hone in on and examine further to determine  if it is a setup they want to use or not. 

Those looking to use Manara ai trading to pass prop firm challenges then it could be a way to find additional trading setups to diversify their risk. 

Trustpilot for Manara AI Trading Reviews

How much does Manara Trading Tool Cost?

Manara trading tool costs $149/USD per month under one of the packages however this can vary depending on the inclusions you want, such as other tools by eaconomy.  

There is a success package which is cheaper however this may only be offered in certain countries, as I have not seen it available on my Eaconomy portal. 

How to Download the Manara Trading Tool?

Since the manara trading tool runs on a browser, there is no need to download the manara trading tool. This is great because downloading programs can be a pain, clog up your computer and make it more challenging to access when you’re out and about. Instead, the manara trading tool has access direct through a browser. This is especially great for mac users, since macs are notorious for being unable to download programs. 

Is Manara Trading Tool Free?

Manara trading tool is not free, however there is a rule for customers who introduce 3 other traders to Eaconomy and they get the tools of Eaconomy for free! 

If you have 3 friends that are interested in trading tools like the manara trading tool, or perhaps even the educational material in Eaconomy, you may be eligible for the 3 and free rule for Free Eaconomy access.

Manara FX io

To access manara trading tool you can head to Manarafx.io however the easiest way to get in is through your Eaconomy portal. If you go through your portal it will connect your access token (provided you are suscribed) so that you can actually see and use the manara forex trading tool. 

Referral Code: globalfinancetrading

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