What is the Manara Alert AI Bot?

Manara alert AI bot is an artificial intelligence robot that provides trading alerts based on AI used to trade financial markets in particular, for foreign exchange (forex) markets. 

Where can I buy Manara Alert AI Bot?

You can access the Manara alert ai bot via the Eaconomy website and select Manara option to purchase.

What does the Manara trading bot do?

While some people call it a trading bot, it isn’t quite a ‘bot’ in the way most people think of it. Manara runs on artificial intelligence and is a tool used to identify trade setups, however it does not trade for you like many bots do. If you are looking for a trading bot, check out Aithena, also by Eaconomy. Manara provides alerts and analysis to assist traders in making their own trading decisions in financial markets such as forex. 

What Alerts does Manara provide?

Manara harmonic scanner provides real time insights, pattern recognition, technical analysis and trade ideas on financial markets like the forex markets. 

Eaconomy Manara Software

The Manara software by eaconomy offers an AI powered web based tool that saves people time scanning the markets to help keep sharp and stay focused. By receiving insights and trade ideas to your device on the go, or while at home, traders are able to seek opportunities in the forex markets with the help of AI and provides traders with trade alerts. 

Manara Trade Alerts

AI Powered Alerts

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  • Access AIthena AI Trading Bot
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