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EAconomy is a trading based company helping people trade using Artificial Intelligence. This Eaconomy Forex AI review details more about the company and also the services offered by the group, including discount codes and special access.

Eaconomy Reviews

Eaconomy shows to be high end in the trading industry, offering Artificial Intelligence systems that so far have looked good. 

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Eaconomy Phillipines

Phillipines often get behind affiliate marketing offerings when they offer a good community and provide ways to earn aside from simply selling to others. Eaconomy provides the opportunity to use the trading tools with CFD brokers. The service offering on it’s own could be highly beneficial without having to network or offer the products to others. That is why if you are from the Phillipines,it would be of great benefit to get involved early. Check it out here.

Eaconomy scam

As with anything that can offer profit, and in particular in the trading industry, will get labelled by some as a scam. This is pretty standard for anyone that is not open to earning from sources other than employment (the reliance on another party for income). As for Eaconomy, it is a legitimate service offering state of the art Artificial Intelligence robots that trade CFD’s including forex. On top of this, it offers an affiliate program which is also legitimate. 

Eaconomy is legitimate. 

Eaconomy aithena

AIthena is an artificial intelligence software that uses AI to trade the financial markets on CFD broker accounts. To get access, you can purchase here. Artificial Intelligence uses data to increasingly improve based on a network of parameters. It makes decisions automatically using preset conditions and a range of inputs the human brain would be heavily challenged to keep up with. AIthena is a play on words between Athena and artificial intelligence (AI), just like EAconomy is a play on economy and expert advisor, the term used for automated trading in Metatrader 4 and 5.  

Eaconomy compensation plan

Eaconomy has a healthy compensation plan, and it doesn’t take too much to cover the costs of using the software offered for free. To check out the compensation plan and rewards, head here to see what you can earn. 

Eaconomy logo

The Eaconomy’s logo is an image of 2 hemispheres of a brain, with a network. One hemisphere is colored and one hemisphere is white with the network images being opposite color scheme on each hemisphere. This resembles the artificial intelligence concept, and the trading strategy and plans are smart. 

Eaconomy company

Eaconomy as a company is from the United States. It is an education and technology company bringing some of the first usable AI that is easy to use even if you are not a coder or trader. That is a huge feat in the industry and one of the reasons why I have jumped on board. To read more about the company, check this out.

Eaconomy reddit

Eaconomy has a reddit group, where others share their results and interests in terms of how they are using the systems. 

Eaconomy forbes

Eaconomy, will they make it to the forbes list, will they bring others to the forbes list? 

Perhaps they will simply get articles written on the Forbes website.

Eaconomy.io review

Eaconomy Trustpilot 

Eaconomy Reddit 

When reading reviews, be sure to remember that most people don’t understand the premise of risk. Many people will over leverage their trading robot which will almost always result in failure. When you run a test on even the best of trading algorithms at TOO HIGH RISK, it will eventually topple over and lose. Be smart people

Eaconomy calibrate academy

The Calibrate Academy is a place where they teach something, but I’m not sure what it is as I haven’t been able to log in. There’s multiple platforms and access points so I haven’t seen what the Calibrate academy is all about.

Eaconomy data

Eaconomy shares a range of data and information on their website.

Eaconomy discount code

Eaconomy Discount Code globalfinancetrading

Eaconomy forex

Eaconomy trades in forex, crypto, shares and more. The group covers a wide range of opportunities for traders.

Eaconomy group

Be a part of the eaconomy group by joining via this link and form a part of our growing group helping each other with business and marketing concepts.

Eaconomy home

Eaconomy is home to AI trading products and an affiliate program for marketers looking to step into the trading arena. 

Eaconomy inc

Interested in Eaconomy inc? Check out all of their products in the AI trading arena.

Eaconomy Instagram

Check out the EACONOMY instagram page and see what their social presence has to offer.

Eaconomy jobs

Want a job with EAconomy? Head to this page to register for the marketing business access and get in touch with us for any business related assistance and marketing. We can assist you in building your Trading AI Marketing business from the ground up. There is the possibility of being funded and having your marketing funded (for the right person) so be sure to get in contact if you feel you have what it takes. 

Eaconomy jobs Sydney

While EAconomy aren’t necessarily hiring, they offer a program that allows you to essentially ‘franchise’ and the cost is about $30 USD to get started. To help get off to a good start, we also offer training and education around building a marketing business. 

Eaconomy office

According to the Eaconomy LinkedIn profile, their office is headquartered in Las Vegas Nevada and were founded in 2017. 

Eaconomy portal

Eaconomy offers a portal for affiliates and traders to use their services.

Eaconomy trading

As a trading education and technology company, Eaconomy is not a broker which means you will have your funds with a broker somewhere else. This means the eaconomy is a safe option as you are not holding funds with them, they are simply providing useful content and software for traders to be successful. 

Eaconomy pricing

Use the button above to check out the pricing and options available with Eaconomy. The cheapest option at the time of writing this article is the affiliate program at $29 USD which allows users to build up their income through affiliate sales first, to cover the cost of the Artificial Intelligence programs offered by Eaconomy. 


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