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Accessing capital to trade futures markets, so that you can get paid your profit split. In this video we look at who gives capital, how they allocate it and what you have to do to earn your capital to trade with, plus we show you what futures contracts are, what they mean and how to set up your software, open the charts and place a trade. In short, this Apex Trader Funding Complete Guide for Beginners will give you the basics of what you need to start and get set up to trade with Apex Trader Funding. 

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Watch the Apex Trader Funding Complete Guide for Beginners

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What Can You Trade with Apex?

Trade futures contracts such as foreign exchange futures or index markets like the Dax (German Index Market) or ES (S&P 500 Mini) the US 500 index.

Further below you will be shown how to add the ability to trade DAX futures with Apex, however please note it does require an extra subscription, purchasable through Tradovate (not Apex). 

Futures Codes and What to Trade


Futures Codes

FX Monthly Futures Contract Specifications (cmegroup.com)

Futures Trading Reference Guide – BetterTrader.co


Futures Months

January – F

February -G

March – H

April – J

May – K

June – M

July – N

August Q-

September – U

October – V

November – X

December – Z


Ending Number

Expiration Year, 23 or 3 for example.

Futures Delivery Month

H – Contract Ending March

M – Contract Ending June

U – Contract Ending September

Z – Contract Ending December

Tips on Checking Futures Contract

Futures are a bit different to CFD’s, so for traders that kind of already know the markets, here’s some tips to check what you are trading:

  • Check the pricing is similar to that of the CFD you normally trade. For example, AUDUSD is around 0.65 or the DAX is around 15,000 etc. at the time of this article. If the contract you have should be around 0.64 on a CFD, but its 1.7 you may have the wrong contract type.
  • Is there plenty of volume on the Depth of Market, and orders going through on the Time and Sales? If not, the contract could be a contract for a future month or quarter, rather than the current one. For example, if you are seeing a contract here and there, but not regular buying and selling then it could be the wrong month/quarter contract.
  • Be careful with each contract, as they are sometimes different values per tick. FDAX is around $25USD per tick while the Euro is around $7

How to Access Dax (GER40) on Apex

For the index traders out there, you can trade the DAX (also known as the GER40 or GER30) through Apex Trader Funding, by adding the subscription for Eurex (Depth of Market Level 2) for around $23 USD per month.

To buy this feed and access to trade the DAX on Tradovate, simply head here in Tradovate or click on the settings icon in the top right of the Tradovate platform, then go to Subscriptions and Update Subscription.

Advantages of Trading Futures

Regulated and Central

Futures are regulated by a real and global central location, to ensure all traders have the same information flow. CFD’s on the other hand, can be traded through a market maker, where they ultimately control the flow of pricing and spread of the bid and ask. This means Futures are effectively more certain in terms of getting the real feed rather than CFD’s that can be falsely slipped due to brokers shifting price, taking on trades for themselves and manipulating their own feed.

Professional Traders use Order Flow

Pro traders at big banks, institutions and staff based prop firms (where they hire traders rather than charge a fee), use order flow to read the markets. This means using the Depth of Market to see true orders in the market (which you can’t get with CFDs) and Time and Sales, where the centralised data shows exactly what is coming through the market in terms of volume.

While some brokers show volume data, this isn’t a global market, but rather their own client base volume. This means any traders not trading through that broker won’t show up. So big players, who access the market through larger means like institutional investment banks, will not be seen by the CFD trader.

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