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This Funded Engineer Prop Trading Review is all about the prop firm and what opportunities (and drawbacks) it has compared to other prop firms in the industry.

Need a regular Forex CFD Broker? Try Mugan Markets, they offer a great trading environment including fast execution and tight spreads. 

They also offer bonus credits (check out the T&C’s for more info). 

What is Funded Engineer?

Funded Engineer is a new prop firm (at the time of writing the article) that has introduced some excellent changes to the way they set out their challenges. A prop firm is a firm that offers capital in exchange for passing a challenge that is usually paid for in advance. Those who pass the test in line with the required criteria, gain access to the funds to trade with according to the account they purchased. This can be anywhere from $10,000 USD up to $500,000 USD

Why use Funded Engineer?

Funded Engineer offers a prop challenge that is quite different to FTMO and even Apex. Since they offer the normal index trading in the standard MT4 platform, this can be an excellent leg up for those who don’t want to trade futures and access the cheaper Apex program. 

No Time Limits - A Game Changer in Prop Firms

The main reason for giving Funded Engineer a try compared to FTMO is that there isn’t a time limit on the challenge. My trading could reach the targets within the drawdown limits, but not in the allotted time. Remove the time issue, and my trading has been proven to pass the requirements, it just means I need to be patient. Funded Engineer removed the time constraint, meaning there’s no rush to pass! This is a big jump from FTMO. 

While Apex have a great offering and no time limit, they do not have access to the FTSE and DAX (which are the markets I specialize in). Funded Engineer fix that to, with the ability to trade the GER30 and FTSE100, also known as the DAX30 or UK100 with other brokers.  

Is Funded Engineer Legit?

I’ll come back and change this later, but so far so good. Once I pass and receive a payout I will update this section 🙂 

As far as I can see, it is all legit and there is payout proof on their discord channel. 

Funded Engineer Discord

Funded Engineer discord channel is where traders congregate to discuss their success and failures as well as provide inspiration to others. 

Knowing that if you put the hard work in to pass, that you will get paid, really makes a big impact on your motivation to get to the end result. 

Funded Engineer Courses

Looking for a course that can train you on trading the financial markets with a level of certainty in particular market conditions? While there’s no certainty in trading, it’s important to note that doing something consistently and knowing the likely outcome within a percentage range is extremely rewarding. While it’s not the ‘sexy’ forex or crypto market, if you want results, check out this course. It will blow your mind once you realize how the market operates and what professional traders look for in the market. 

Trading Course

Learn How To Trade

  • See how the market works and how you can use it to your advantage
  • See the edge in the market and how it can be traded most days
  • Create a future where you aren't reliant on others
  • OPTIONAL - Paid Training To Learn Finer Details and Trade Strategies

Is Funded Engineer Legit?

So far so good, it has a great rating on Trustpilot. I’ll be back when I start receiving payouts. 

Service has been great so far.

Funded Engineer Scam

Everything’s a scam these days… If you have to work for it, train for it, put effort in, pay for it or obtain something you want without it being completely free, chances are someone will call it a scam. It’s the most overused word on the internet. Usually in the trading world, it’s the term used by those who cannot trade and lash out at the broker or prop firm, like an unproductive staff member that wonders why they are being let go. 

Let’s look at what Funded Engineer is and says it will do, and see if it does that.

Funded Engineer provides a trading challenge for a fee. If the trader passes within the rules, they receive funding to trade with. The trader then earns 80% of their profits when they maintain the rules. 

That’s all it is, don’t worry about why they do it or what they get out of it. That’s business, they get 20%, they take on risk, they operate a business. If you aren’t ok with that, live in a commune and leave society, since that’s how all businesses operate. Instead, focus on your trading, your education, your psychology and your ability to earn from these opportunities. Looking inward can create success.

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