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About Us

I work in the finance industry and have studied both accounting and finance since 2009. Throughout my studies I have put in hours upon hours into learning everything I could about trading and investing, scouring different markets and seeking new opportunities. My interests in finance began early on in life, from the basis that owning assets can create an ongoing supply of money which can grow itself over time. Had I have come across a website such as this in my earlier days, I would be even further ahead, and I hope that I can provide exactly that opportunity to others that may not be in a position to learn through university, industry or practice. By helping others with professional level of knowledge and practice I hope to inspire others to develop their skills in the markets. 

The team at Global Finance Trading Is dedicated to providing the highest quality information and resources on the topics on investing to help demystify common misconceptions and help to fast track our valued users into more profitable situations.  

The information is backed by people with university level education over a decade of trading live funds in real market conditions and years of testing, analyzing and learning along the way. The knowledge gained along this journey has proven that understanding investments alone is not enough. To be successful in trading and investing takes dedication to understanding yourself, the markets, other people’s behavior and managing the funds available to you. It is one thing to be right, but its another thing to make money consistently. 

Our dedication is not blindly on our own skills, and as such we are open to collaborating with other professionals in the industry.  

As you may have noticed, this website hosts courses, tools and resources, tons of amazing training and education plus a way to get in touch with us. Have a look around, soak up the knowledge and feel free to contact us if you have questions or if you want to collaborate with us.