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Pattern trading for beginner traders isn’t always an easy feat, partly since many patterns are hard to identify, particularly in the heat of the market. Fortunately, there are tools out there that can help you identify patterns using AI. One such tool is the Manara Trading Tool.

Incomplete Pattern Strategy (C to D)

Using the manara tool to scan forex pairs for patterns on a range of timeframes, you are alerted to incomplete patterns and can investigate the charts further at the click of a button. 

From here, the trade may look suitable or not, based on further analysis. If it looks good and fits your other requirements (perhaps you only want to trade with the trend on a 1 hour chart for example), then buying or selling that pair towards the direction of the D point of the pattern is the trade setup. 

Stop losses are arbitrary but be sure to give the trade some breathing space so you aren’t stopped out unnecessarily. 

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