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In January 2024, FTMO announced they will no longer be taking on US based clients due to the restrictions on CFDs in America. 

The video above shows the alternatives to FTMO for people of USA. If you don’t want to watch the video, then read on.

FTMO USA Alternative No CFDs

FTMO is not longer taking on US clients and I’m going to share with you

Why – CFDs are illegal in USA and prop firms are banning their own citizens fromm accessing the higher leverage, lower barrier to entry trading products.

Who can join FTMO? – FTMO

The alternative for the US would be to learn and trade Futures. Futures are legal in the US and actually offer a more transparent market to trade in. All orders run through a centralized exchange, meaning that all orders are visible to all traders. CFDs don’t offer this level of transparency. Volume and orders make up a huge part of the analysis and trading process, particularly for the professionals, so it could be considered better long term to be able to understand order flow by way of trading futures.

How can you trade futures?

Futures can be traded through brokers in the US, but for those looking for a prop firm experience with access to capital, there are a few options on the market at present.

Apex Trader Funding

Established futures prop firm based in Texas, well priced and amazing discounts. 50% discount code (works for the bigger sales also) in the description.

Evaluations work similar to FTMO, theres a drawdown limit along with a target profit. Have up to 20 accounts.

I’ve linked to my video on Apex in the description if you want to know more about the accounts on offer and trading with Apex in general.


TradeDay is very similar to Apex Trader Funding, but the discounts aren’t as big. In saying that, I feel the drawdown rules are far better. There are mulitple account evaluations to choose from however there is a limit of 1 account per user.

To see the rules for TradeDay, please check out the TradeDay video in the description which also provides some comparisons to Apex Trader Funding.


Both options are availble to the US, as they focus on Futures. Let me know in the comments which one you think is best and why you chose it, there are pros and cons for both.


If you are short on ideas to trade, check out the Manara AI Trading Tool, an AI pattern recognition tool that monitors Forex, Metals, Indices and more in real time, providing an easy to view layout of the pattern, possible entries, exits and more. Video about the tool is also in the description below.


Apex Trader Funding (Futures Prop Firm)

Check out the information and videos on Apex Trader Funding.

Apex Trader Funding 50% Discount 


TradeDay (Futures Prop Firm)

TradeDay Prop Firm https://members.tradeday.com/?aff=TD_Tribaner