Are you deciding on the prop firm you want to trade with? There’s a few options around, but one of the main ones out there and best known is FTMO. Then there’s the lessor known (for now), Funded Engineer, which was one of the early movers on unlimited time evaluations. Let’s dive into the FTMO vs Funded Engineer comparison and see which prop firm comes out on top.

FTMO Pros and Cons

FTMO is a well-known prop firm that has been around a while. Real payout can be confirmed and they don’t make dodgy rules up once you pass. FTMO also offer similar rules to Funded Engineer making them very similar to each other overall, since FTMO changed their challenge rules from 30 days to unlimited time.

Funded Engineer Pros and Cons

Funded Engineer is very similar to FTMO in that it’s challenge is unlimited in time and has similar risk and target settings.

While I cannot personally confirm the payout situation of Funded Engineer, it seems they are building a following that is conducive to a prop firm that pays out on the profits earned. 


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