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Wanting to up your game and pass more funded account challenges and evaluations? 

Reduce the potential for silly mistakes and miscalculations when you are in the heart of the trading day, understand your requirements on the screen as you trade and focus on moving with the market as a professional. 

This Expert Adviser (EA) for MT5 platforms will help manage your account with more clarity and help reduce the chance of hitting a daily target by accident. 


Daily Loss Safety – Close all trades at x loss for the day (For the daily loss rule)

Total Loss Safety – Close all trades at equity of x (for the total loss rule)

Display your profit for the day – Comment total profit for the day (Show todays profit)

Display remaining target – Comment target remaining based on equity (Show profit remaining to pass)

*Custom Features may be available upon request

When you purchase the expert advisor, it will be emailed to you to put into your Expert Advisor folder in your MT5 platform, via the Data Folder. It will then be usable instantly, from your Navigator section.

Buy it now for $145 USD via the secure payment method below. Be sure to advise us of your correct email address so we can send your Expert Advisor to you.

Additional Notes:

This EA does not trade for you, it simply manages trades if they come close to preset limits (i.e. daily loss limits) and informs you of the value to target remaining so you do not need to calculate manually. 

Global Finance Trading and the creator of the EA is not responsible for the use or outcomes of the EA, and it purely up the the trader to manage and ensure the EA is working correctly before using on their live or evaluation accounts. 

The EA will be sent to you within 48 hours of purchasing the product. It will be in the form of an ex5 file usable only on MT5 trading platform. This EA will be usable on MyForexFunds, FTMO, ThePropFirm and more. 

Global Finance Trading and the creators are not responsible breach/violation of any rules with accounts or any losses incurred.  

If your email is not provided during payment, please email us via the Contact Us page.

Commonly Used With Funded Accounts

This EA is commonly used with funded accounts and evaluations or challenges in order to reduce the chance of breaching rules and reaching violating situations in these accounts. Some of the funded account prop firms this is used for are listed below:

The Prop Trading Australia – Cheaper than FTMO, easier targets.

Apex Trading – Monthly fee, much cheaper up front, for futures traders using Ninja Trader. $85 reset fees to retry challenges. 

FTMO – One of the most prominent and respected prop firms.

MyForexFunds – Offers instant funding, but also has challenges. 

Buy it now for $145 USD via the secure payment method below. Be sure to advise us of your correct email address so we can send your Expert Advisor to you.

How I Pass Challenges and Created My Trading Business?

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