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Installing the Manara Trading Bot is actually super easy, since you don’t even need to install it at all. 

The Manara Trading bot is a browser based trading tool, meaning that users simply use their browser to access the Manara Trading tool. 

Install Manara Trading

To ‘install’ the trading bot, all you have to do is buy access to Eaconomy. You need a referral code to access Eaconomy, you cannot simply make a purchase without being introduced or using a referral code. Thankfully, you can use this link and referral code to gain access:



Once you are in, you will be able to purchase the product and access the Manara Trading tool on your browser. 

How to access Manara Trading

Once you’ve bought the program with Eaconomy that includes the Manara trading tool, you can go to Forex tab, then click Manara, and then click the button in the screen to take you to the Manara Trading Tool in your trading browser. 

Can I access Manara Trading on my phone?

Yes, you can use your phone’s browser to log into Eaconomy and then access the Manara Trading tool from your phone.

Want more information?

You can see more information on the Manara Trading tool by heading to Manara Trading page on our site. It includes a video and a range of information about trading using the Manara tool.

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