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Road to Freedom

The road to freedom can seem like a life long journey, by the time you get there through traditional employment many are too withered to truly enjoy freedom. There are many ways to fast track it, and almost all of them that provide any form of certainty take hard work to get there. This path is no different, but holds many benefits in comparison to other options. 

Simple 3 Step Process

  1. Set up and prepare to set aside 5 or 10 minutes each weekday around 5pm Monday to Friday.
  2. Practice the daily process of placing orders and looking at the market, using just your computer.
  3. Once you are seeing positive outcomes, get funding to start earning.

You get the tools and everything you need. 

You are supported and guided on the journey.

You will have access to funds when ready.

My Story

I spent years working on understanding the markets, working in the industry and learning all there is to know about investing. As I ventured deeper and thought outside the box and found new opportunities, I have pieced them together to make it easy and break down almost all barriers that hold people back.

The feeling of getting funded for $100,000 USD is incredible when you know you can generally extract around 4% from the markets in a month without too much strain.

Picture this.. You know that over a set amount of time you can achieve a certain result, and with that result you know you can access funding from several companies to trade with. There is no risk on you if you lose, but you get to keep 70% or 80% of the profits you make. Those profits get paid into your bank account monthly. The range you might earn in a month could be between 5% to 15% as an average guide. That means you could pull out $15,000 in a month by trading each afternoon for around 5 or 10 minutes a day. This is a lifechanging format to earn income. The feeling you get when you hear the notification on your phone that your bank has been credited thousands, well.. I will let you picture it for yourself.

What if you had the ability to do this every year, earn big money and if something goes wrong you can simply try again. Going through life knowing that you can earn money regardless of what is going on in the world. You know you can get access to big sums of money and you know how to use it.  Truly liberating.

My goal is to drastically reduce the time you spend getting to where I am now, and enjoying every minute of life that you can. Whether that is time with family and friends, more time to work on personal projects and interests you have or simply more time to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. If I can save you years, by taking you through what I know and what other experts in the field can give you to, it will bring me added purpose and fulfilment. 

How Does It Work?

The training will take you through how to trade specific financial markets using just your computer. There are set times when there are opportunities to place orders that a highly probable to win. As the market doesn’t always respect the rules, the training takes you through how to manage your risk on each trade so that you can simply do the task over and over, about once per day without stress. Initially, you will simply be training without any money so there is no risk in learning and building up this skill. As you progress, and you are achieving results in line with a predetermined set of conditions, you can then arrange to get funded by firms that will provide you with a trading account to trade with using real money. The key here is you are reducing your financial risk by practicing. Then using the data from your practice account, you can apply for funding with a level of certainty around accessing capital. While you are training the skill and building up some data you can trust in, we will guide you on how you can get funded once you are ready and hitting the targets required. 

Why Does It Work?

There are plenty of people making money by investing, but often you need to have big starting capital to make it worthwhile. You also need to know what to do with that money. By removing both of these obstacles and knowing how to set everything up, you can reach levels that are generally unheard of. You may find some of it a little hard to believe, but if you do the right things you can reasonably achieve it. 

The Markets – By accessing the knowledge and trades of a couple of traders doing this full time, you can simply copy trades and learn as you go.

The Funding – Most people that trade financial markets are not aware of the funding available to them, how it works or where to even start looking. People that don’t invest or trade are even less likely to know this even exists. There are a couple of great opportunities out there where you can access funding without repayments, without risk of losing capital and with a huge percentage of the income you generate landing in your bank account at the end of each month. 

Tie It Together – Combining the techniques used to trade specific markets at specific times, with the access to funding, you will be in an excellent position.

It will take some discipline and persistence. It will help you grow as a person (at least it has done so for me), and will allow you to make some excellent financial decisions once you make it.

What are the barriers?

The things that hold people back from being successful, there’s a few things and we are about to show you what they are and why they are not relevant with the right guidance.


Knowing what to do, how to do it and when to do it. There are tools and processes that are essential for success which will all be provided.   

Costs and Capital

Without the right pathway, it can be very expensive to get the right help. Allow us to show you how to bypass most of the costs and capital required to be successful.  

Self Belief Or Belief in Something More

It is far too common that people do not believe in themselves to progress or have more. It is also incredible how much a shift in perspective and access to the right information can drastically improve your situation. The concept that there is not enough money in the world and you can’t access it, or what ever the reason you are not getting what you want is something we can overcome. 


Time is always a key barrier, along with money for just about everything. This road takes very little time to practice each day, but the benefits could end up saving you many hours of time

What is on this road to freedom?

Freedom of Location

While we are in lockdowns and ongoing restrictions with COVID, we need to be able to earn an income from anywhere. 

Low Barrier To Entry

The process begins with learning the skill, practicing once per day for about 10 minutes. The cost to start is nothing, the cost to learn is minimal and the required funds is also very low. We will show you how to progress and grow.

Access to Growth

After you get the processes down, you will also be able to scale with ease. Some see the learning process and the benefit without scale is not worth it. Access to big scale is essential part of motivation.

No Limitations From People 

What we are doing is not limited by people, someone saying yes to a sale, saying yes to a business idea, no being restricted by another’s opinion, desire or expectation. It is just you, the process and those who you choose to share it with if you like. The market we are working within is commercial in nature and is non discriminatory.      

The Road To Freedom involves you learning a process, practicing daily and some study outside of that, then assessing your results. 

What we are doing, is placing orders through a platform. This can be done at no cost so that you can practice and work out if it is something you feel good about. 

The learning part is about understanding the market we are participating in. This will take some time, it will seem like a bit much initially, but like all good things, it will be well worthwhile. 

From there, we simply need to keep doing the process once a day, assess the results we are getting and once comfortable, we can start working with a small amount of funds or skip straight to the funding part.

The next part is simply replicating the process, in line with a set of rules and unlock the final phase, big scale.