You can set your volumes to preset values to help you trade in line with how you like to. 

How to set default volume

To set your default volume, in your MetaTrader, go to Tools (up the top in the menu bar) then Options. Options has a tab called Trade. In the Trade tab you can then adjust your default volume and a few other things to.

Volume default MT5

MT5 Volume and Lots

Changing the default volume (or lots, same thing) could help you to stay on a consistent lot size when trading. Depending on your trading system, you may want to adjust you volume with each trade depending on how big (far away) your stop loss is. 

MetaTrader 4 Default

Both MT4 and MT5 are very similar, so follow the steps in the first section of this post. Setting defaults in MT4 or MT5 are helpful but again, risk is dynamic and a static volume size or lots may not be appropriate for your trading style. If your stop size (the distance from your entry price to your stop loss) is different each time, you may need to consider adjusting the volume for every trade.

Is there a best volume to trade with in MT5?

Building up trading data is the best way to assess what the best volume is. Managing your risk is the most important part of trading, the difference between staying in the game or not. There is no ‘best volume’ when trading as it all depends on your trading style and probabilities along with how big your stop losses are. Data is your friend and understanding what actually happens in your trading and what could happen (based on real data) can be a huge help. As an example, if you had 5 years of data and knew you were profitable on certain markets compared with others, you could simply focus on one market and keep trading as normal.

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