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You're Here! And so are we, ready to assist you.

Looks like you’re ready to get your robot employees working for you.  We have provided steps below in case you just want to get in and get it done. 

Our support will help you get this sorted within 15 – 20 minutes. Let’s make it happen for You!

To Get Started

Click the orange chat box in the bottom right corner of the screen to start a chat.  That way we can help you right now and make sure there’s no issues getting up and running.

DIY Instructions for Robot Employees

Approx 15 minutes

Step 2 – (2 – 5 minutes)

Download your free platform from the broker.

Head into your secure area on the broker’s website (they will email you details), then go to ‘Downloads’ then MetaTrader 5. Click either Mac or Windows for your computer type to download the file. Then install the platform.

Step 3 – (3 minutes)

Inform us (via the chat or contact us page) that you have set up your account and ready for the robot employees to be deployed to you via email or file share.

Step 4 – (1 minute)

Simply drag and drop the files into the ‘Experts’ folder. This is found in the trading platform by clicking File – Open Data File. Double click the MQL5 folder and you will see the Experts folder inside.

Step 5 – (1 minute)

Close the platform, then re-open it again to refresh the new robot files. 

Step 6 – (1 minute)

In the Market Watch, right click on any symbol and in the menu click ‘Show all‘. Now drag and drop the correct Symbol onto any chart.

Step 7 – (1 minute)

In the Navigator, you should see ‘Experts‘. Click the ‘plus’ box next to the words to expand the selections and you should see your files for the robot. Now drag and drop the file from the navigator to the chart to make it active.

Step 8 – (1 minute)

Click the AutoTrading button so that it has a green play button rather than a red stop.