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#10 Trading Robots and Trading Investments

Trading can produce positive returns, and there are brokers like Etoro, and companies like Duplitrade that allow you to put money into active investments in finance markets. You can effectively invest in people to trade for you, or trading robots to do the job also. This one is a bit on the risky side but can produce some great outcomes. 

Wild Passive Income

#9 Covered Calls (Selling Rights To Your Asset)

Owning shares in listed companies can give you the option to, well.. write options against your shares. Owning an asset and writing a covered call could bring you income, provided the options expire. Just be careful as the option holder can buy your shares off you if the market rises, so be ready for that to. 

#8 Dividend Shares

Super easy, pretty simple concept. Companies make money, they pay shareholders a dividend. Investing in dividend shares can allow you to bring in income long term.

#7 Property Investing

There are many ways to invest in property, including rental income, capital growth, tax incentives (such as depreciation), property development, renovations and more. Property is a fairly steady way to invest, with plenty of backing from governments and banks to help the market operate. 

#6 Affiliate Marketing

This one ties into the next in a way, but affiliate marketing is a great way to generate income. If you know about products or services and trust the business, you can earn money by promoting them. Affiliate marketing can be a great source of income.

#5 Websites and Online Property

Online property such as websites, social media and other online segments can provide an excellent source of income. This one takes a bit of knowledge, skill and effort but you can create great income avenues in a wide range of ways. You can get started by searching for a web hosting provider, preferably one that uses WordPress. Crazydomains and Hostgater are a couple that come to mind.  

#4 Sell Courses, Digital Products or Dropshipping

The digital age allows scaling like never before at the click of a button.. and a bit of work first. Selling courses or other one time created products or dropshipping items bring in good money for many people.

#3 Business Aquisitions

Businesses are bought and sold everywhere and every day. Businesses generate income and can be set up to be run by others, making it a possibility for passive income. You can’t tell me Richard Branson flies every plane, sells every copy of music and operates every asset single handedly. Buying businesses can be lucrative but does need a range of skills or connections with the right people to make it all happen.

#2 Funded Trading Accounts

While this is up there for number 1 for me, the certainty and long term growth of the real #1 takes the cake. Funded accounts come in at number 2 as they provide a huge amount of hope, with the right actions and knowledge allowing you to create an incredible life for yourself in a short period of time. The downside is it isn’t certain and takes a ton of work to get to the point of success. Funded accounts through prop firms means if you can trade, you can basically be wealthy within months.

#1 Margin Account, Shares and ETF's

Margin loans allow you to buy more assets than the value of your cash, basically a loan against assets. Buying and holding shares or ETF’s using a margin loan allows for a few major mathematical things to occur. Investing small amounts over time allows for dollar cost averaging. Holding the assets long term creates compounding and using debt to increase your buying power helps both of these along, in particular the compounding part. Check out our margin loan calculator, even small amounts could mean you reach a healthy retirement earlier than you might have expected! But the key is to start early and start small. Build big positions over time with a good margin of safety in your leverage.

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