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Often, new traders that are highly driven will consider creative strategies in an attempt to identify ways to make profitable systems. 

Due to Forex’s nature, big moves and tight spreads, it might have crossed your mind to buy and sell at the same time. So short and long, with the intention that the market will cycle back on itself after you close out of the first move. 

What could happen, is the first trade goes up (or down, it doesn’t matter) you close out of the profitable trade and then the market goes the other way. To do this consistently would take massive skill and  knowledge, plus the markets would need to favour you.

What will probably happen is you might have a few successes, then the times it doesn’t come back for the losing trade to turn into a profitable one, these trades will be the destruction of the system. 

Don’t believe me? That’s great! It gives you a chance to see the data and test it out for yourself. It could be a slight variant that makes or breaks this concept. Did you know that you can code a system that does this very easily, and we have a course that can show you how, fast. You don’t even need to know anything about code, or trading. 


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