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Dax Edge Trading

Dax edge trading is a term used by people looking to find their trading edge in the Dax index market. 

Trading Dax

Trading the Dax, otherwise known as the GER30 or GER40 depending on the number of companies incorporated into the index, is a way of aiming to earn a profit from buying or selling the DAX index. 

What is the DAX?

The DAX is the German Stock exchange, similar to that of other country’s major stock index markets. Some call it the Deutscher Aktien Index but this isn’t a common term in Australia or the UK since the Dax is far easier for us to say. 

How to trade the dax?

Trading the dax is often very common around the market open for the dax market. The first hour or two has plenty of action, then the volume is high again around the US open time around 9am New York time. On an MT4 platform, this is generally 16:30 for the USA session, or 10:00 for the Euro Session. 

Is Dax same as GER30?

Dax is the same as the GER30 (depending on the constituents you are looking to use). The Dax actually lines up more closely to the GER40, but they move in a very similar fashion. 

Is Dax same as GER40?

Dax is the same as the GER40 (depending on the constituents you are looking to use).

How do I trade indices like a pro?

Trading indices like a pro takes time and effort to learn the skills to read the market and also to trade the market effectively. 

The skills include: Analysis, patience, risk management.

In order to learn more, check out the best course on index trading.

Trading Dax Index

Trading the dax index is similar to trading other index markets. The margin requirement can be higher than the FTSE due to the higher value of the Dax (Around 15000 to 7000) so take this into consideration when focusing on a market to trade. There are plenty of prop firms that offer access to trading the dax, which you can find here: Prop Firm for Dax

Trading Dax Strategies

If you are looking for strategies but aren’t quite ready to take on the course that will help you immensely, check out the free guide on dax trading strategies.

Trading Dax Open

The Dax opens for trading at 9am CET time, to see what time it is now, search Time in Germany.

Trading Dax Blog

Take a look at the blog we have created on trading the dax, it has insights and tips on how to understand the dax market. 

Dax Trading Hours

The Dax opens at 9am CET time, or 10:00 on trading platforms like MT4 or MT5.

GER30 Signals

If you are chasing signals for the dax, head over to the course section and get in touch with these guys. They have signals for the dax or GER30.