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Looking for the best index trading course on the market? Be trained by top professionals with years of market experience, as you immerse yourself in a community of traders and learn the inside scoop on how index markets actually work, but most of all, how to profit from them.

Magnetic Trading Program

Mark and Cameron have devoted years of their lives to trading and teaching others to trade the UK100 and GER40 Stock Index Markets. They take the student on a deep dive on concepts that are very specific to index markets, how they function and how to take advantage of their key characteristics. This course is not a run of the mill way to use indicators, patterns and risk management concepts. It takes into account a wide range of very specific concepts that allows traders to develop an edge and have far more consistency than many aspiring forex traders do. 

There are multiple options to choose from, whether you simply want to follow along and kind of copy the setups or if you want to learn everything about the index markets and be able to create your own viewpoints on the market every day. 

Check out the course and program offerings here.

Key Benefits of the Course

Some key benefits of the course (more specifically the trading style behind the course) includes:

  • Trade Specific times of day to focus on trading, so that you can live your life, work or spend time with family and friends the rest of the time.
  • Consistent Trade Setups Year Round. While some trading is highly seasonal, the index trading taught offers trade setups that occur year round with reasonable consistency. 
  • Use market function rather than relying on indicators. This is a deeper understanding of the market and how it is designed to function.
  • Understand specific market characteristics. Finding an edge isn’t ‘easy’ so traders really need to dig a little deeper and understand how and why the market moves in particular ways. This course will be a huge help in learning about how Index Markets moves and why.
  • Community of experienced traders to lean on for additional support and confirmation.
  • Leverage the vast experience for specific markets like the UK100 and GER40, go deep and master one market.
  • Mastering one market can provide more than enough opportunity.
  • Multiple time options to trade at different times of the day depending on your location and time zone. As an example, for traders in Australia and depending on daylight savings, the ASX opens at 9 or 10am, the UK opens at 5, 6  or 7pm and the US opens at 11:30pm or 12:30am. This gives plenty of times to trade globally that might suit your sleeping pattern and availability. 

UK100 FTSE Trading Course

The Magnetic Trading Program offers deep insight into the core function and operational methodology of the FSTE Index, London’s exchange for the United Kingdom. This program covers how to trade the UK100 CFD’s (works on futures to), using their specific methodology. 

The UK100 is a stock exchange factoring in the top 100 companies in the UK, arranged by their market capitalization (market cap).  

GER40 Dax Trading Course

With a focus on the Dax index market, Germany’s DAX index incorporating the top 30 or 40 companies (depending on if your broker has GER30 or GER40 access), the program offered covers the same framework as the UK100 course, only for the DAX. 

The Magnetic Trading Program offers deep insight into the core function and operational methodology of the DAX Index, Germany’s Index.

US30 Wall Street Trading Course

While the Magnetic Trading Program doesn’t particularly focus on US30 Wall Street Index Trading, the concepts taught to tend to work in a very similar fashion for all index markets. The difference is mainly around the size of the index, the times of open and close and the function of options markets for some setups. 

The US30 is the CFD symbol for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It is often called Wall Street, with symbols shown as DJ30, WS30 or US30 depending on the broker.  The US Index Market is a stock market index that incorporates 30 of the largest companies by market capitalization on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

Want to master trading the US30? Learn the concepts in the Magnetic Program and you will be a step ahead of many traders out there.

AUS200 ASX Trading Course

The concepts taught in the Magnetic program do translate across to other Index Markets, and the ASX200 is no exception. Remembering that the only differences are the times of opening, the size of the index, times of options and other key market framework concepts. The function of each of these items effectively function in the same form that the UK100 and GER40 do, however there are variations on this. The course allows traders to take these concepts and apply them in the same manner, but for the ASX200 stock market index.

What is the ASX200?

The ASX200 or AUS200 symbol in many CFD broker platforms, is an index incorporating the top 200 listed companies in Australia based on market capitalization.  

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