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What is SwyftX?

SwyftX is a trading app for cryptocurrency with low fees and great customer service. The deposits are fast and so are the withdrawals! If you are looking to buy or sell crypto, SwyftX is a great company to consider using.

SwyftX Referral Code

Referral Code Link or use globalfinancetrading as the referral code if you are new to SwyftX. 

SwyftX Review 2023

The Australian based Crytpo exchange, SwyftX offers an excellent, easy to use platform to trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies. While exchanges like cryptopia, FTX and many others have fallen, SwyftX has held it’s own and hung in there. The trading simplicity is excellent and plenty of coins are available. Deposits and withdrawals from Australia are fast and easy. Unfortunately, you do need to remember the price you paid on your coins to recall whether you are in profit or not so be sure to keep track of your own records since the statements etc. do not have much detail.

Overall, this crypto broker is one of the top choices out there for simplicity, dollar cost averaging, access to coins and easy deposit and withdrawals. The only drawback is that the fees aren’t the cheapest out there. 

There are 2 other brokers which come to mind and are reviewed here

Kucoin – Big players, futures access, low fees

Crypto.com – Cool features, metal credit card access, tons of benefits

The danger with SwyftX

The dangers with SwyftX, as with any company to trade on an exchange, is that the exchange could be hacked or go bankrupt. While the financial stability of SwyftX has appeared to be solid, it is important to keep your cryptocurrency safe. The safest option to keep cryptocurrency off an exchange is by using a hard wallet. You can buy hard wallets from Ledger , the best option at present is the Nano Ledger S and if you are investing in crypto it is well worth the security. This is important for ANY exchange you trade on.

SwyftX App

Information on the app can be found ~ SwyftX Mobile App Launch

Download SwyftX

Downloading SwyftX to your mobile app is a great way to receive alerts and trade on the go! Go to your play store (android) or apple store (apple) to get the app. 

Best Cryptocurrency Trading App

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SwyftX Browser Platform

The SwyftX browser platform is great for those wanting to use a computer to trade on. You can login to SwyftX via the login link

Can SwyftX Stake Coins?

You can now stake crypto coins in SwyftX. Here is the guide on staking in SwyftX.

SwyftX Review

After using SwyftX for some time now, I am happy. The dashboards are clean, deposits are easy, withdrawals are fast and they have plenty of assets and charting to allow me to invest. 

SwyftX API

SwyftX has an API which you can find the documentation here. The SwyftX API allows you to code programs that interact with the exchange such as place orders and get pricing. This is very useful if you have an idea on trading crypto and want to automate it.

SwyftX Australia

SwyftX is a company based in Brisbane, Australia. It has been established since 2017.

SwyftX ABN

The SwyftX ABN is 72 623 556 730

SwyftX Reddit

Here is a link to swyftx Reddit where the overall view is very positive.

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