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Comprehensive suite of MT4 and MT5 Expert Advisors, Scripts and access to tutorials on building, testing and implementing your own algorithmic trading portfolio. Access to all the tools you need to succeed and get your computer working for you around the clock.  

Unlock Your Access

Unlock access to the MetaTrader Expert Advisor Package.

Price – $5 trial for 1 month, then $99 USD per month.

Products – Full suite of Auto traders, alerts, indicators and tools for MT4 and MT5. 

Training – Get access to training and support to get set up with your algorithmic trading portfolio. We understand setting up can be daunting, so we have self-paced tutorials along with one on one support to ensure you have everything working as it should.   

Cancellation – Cancel anytime. If you don’t want access anymore, that’s completely fine. We trust in the products and training but if your circumstances change and you no longer need access, cancellation is a click away. 

Try it out for 1 month for just $5 USD and unlock a suite of tools providing algorithmic trading programs through to tools to help you pass funded challenges like FTMO.

Like what you tried? Continue your access to a suite of Expert Advisors, Scripts and more for only $99 USD per month. 

Suite of Products

Expert Advisor (EA) MT4 and MT5

Target Hit notifications – Sends notification once target hit, mainly for Prop Firm Traders.

Cam trader – Creates the ability to work with cam levels in a trading algorithm.

Scripts MT4 and MT5 - Single Use

Stops to Break Even – Bring your stop losses to break even on any trades that are in profit by x pips.

Cam Levels – Plots cam levels as horizontal lines from the start of the current day to the end of the day.

One on One Training and Support

Algorithmic trading requires experience to get past the little settings and requirements to get your programs running as intended. One on One training helps to navigate those potential delays and get you set up fast.

It is also good to have peace of mind when setting up new programs, so that you know if things are meant to happen a certain way or if it is even working. 

With our help, you will know if something is running as it should without the concern of possibly missing a setting or tick box somewhere in the platform.

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