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A quick update on microcaps. A good idea can be worth a lot of money. It is crazy to see how many stocks move a huge amount if you have the patience to wait. In this real example, I show you how it played out. 

Fatfish Global (FFG.asx). I wrote an article on this stock on

In February, in the space of 2 days, the stock skyrocketed. The money that was sitting in there, essentially valueless and at a huge loss, was now worth more than what I could save in a year. Quickly taking the majority of the profit, I left some units in there which are now effectively all profit. If it continues up that is great, but if it goes to zero, the money is out and spreading into other assets. 

The stock was able to sustain itself financially for a while, which meant that IF management can pull something great off in the coming years, this stock could have value. Avoiding actual crypto assets due to common bankruptcy (thanks cryptopia) and other issues such as hacking and technicalities, passwords and more, I decided to stick to the Listed ASX market and look for a crypto stake in an alternate way. FFG and DCC presented that opportunity. 

Sustainability, crypto linked and other opportunities attracted me to FFG. While it was a huge risk, I backed it, held it for years and it eventually paid. Most people unfamiliar with the stock probably never heard of it and may not even be aware of what happened in Feb 2021. The point is, research is key, identifying opportunities is critical and putting in the effort is worthwhile, sometimes beyond what can be saved through employment. 

Do the research, back yourself and hold on. It’s a bumpy ride!

But just remember, fortunes were made in a couple of days for some people. And many will never even be aware. These situations occur more commonly than you hear and the only way to be there is to be ready. Hidden gems are everywhere, but patience, knowledge and application will all work together to bring these situations to you. 

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