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What Is Error 4109? MQL4

MT4 Error 4109 is an error commonly found with expert advisors due to the settings not being set up to allow trading. Let’s take a deeper look at how to fix this issue for both MT4 and MT5.

MT4 Error 4109 - Trade Not Allowed

Protections are in place to ensure that an Expert Advisor is only intentionally applied to charts to start placing orders.

A few checks and balances must be made in order to allow live trading via the Expert. 

How to Fix Error 4109 MT4

Under the common Tab when in the Expert Advisor settings, ensure the option “Allow Live Trading” section is ticked. There is also an “Algo Trading” button which needs to display the green ‘play’ sign rather than a red ‘stop’ sign. You should see a Smiley Face on your MT4 chart in the top right corner of the chart.  

Error 4109 MT4 - Trades Not Working

Trades still not working? There is a more global section of options that may be affecting your EA or Expert Advisor. To access these more global settings, in MT4 up the top toolbar, click Tools then options (Or the shortcut is CTRL O for options.)

Select the Expert Advisors tab up the top of the window that opens, then ensure “Allow algorithmic trading” is ticked. 

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