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What is Spore

Spore is a cryptocurrency that is used on an NFT platform via the Avalanche Network. At the time of writing this article, this project is not listed on an exchange that I could find which leads to the next point. Let’s take a look at how you can buy SPORE and get ahead of the pack. The official page for spore is here.

Where To Buy Spore

While we wait for listings on SwyftX and KuCoin, you can buy Spore cryptocurrency by swapping tokens with AVAX (Avalanche) crypto on Pangolin or PancakeSwap. Step one is to buy AVAX via SwyftX or KuCoin, then send it to your AVAX wallet to set up the transaction for swapping. 

In your AVAX wallet (which you will need to set up if you haven’t previously), follow the instructions via pdf or video. The video is also below. 

Spore Cannot Swap Problem

If you are running into a problem with swapping spore for AVAX, you may need to confirm the transaction in your MetaMask or Wallet. Once you press place order, you sometimes have to confirm in the wallet again. Go to your wallet and check for any confirmations as there weren’t any notifications after placing the swap.

Spore Coin Analysis

For an honest analysis of Spore, check out the video below.

Spore Finance analysis video, and an update video a little further down.

The Hype Around Spore

Google Trends picked up spore finance as a trending topic in finance. To get into projects early is often hard, especially to find a reputable project that will hang around to reach the big crypto platforms and skyrocket to the moon. Spore is a project that is hyper deflationary, meaning that most tokens will get burnt over time. As the value is so tiny (just like bitcoin back in the day, and shib inu before getting listed) there is plenty of upside particularly as the tokens burn. 

Keep Your Coins Safe

Keep your coins safe by holding them in a hard wallet. This keeps them off the internet so they can’t be hacked, giving your peace of mind that your investment is safe.

Take a look at the hard wallets here and get your crypto investments secured. 

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