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News Event Historic Data to Isolate Probable Direction of Trade

News events play a massive role in trading, because knowing what shifts the markets is key to finding your edge. Knowing the direction of trade when the markets are volatile can provide great benefit. The news event data provided through this broker are amazing. Check out the video below for insight into how people are using this tool to find epic trades when the market is moving fast.

Copy Trading for Investors

Copy Trading for investors means people with money, but not the skill or desire to trade can take advantage of the benefits of trading and leverage that CFD markets offer.

Copy trading is easy and after you register you can access the copy trading portal to set up your copy investing account.

Copy Trading for Traders

Copy Trading for traders means people with the skill to trade can make additional money by trading on the platform and sharing their trades with others through the copy trading platform. There’s a few ways to earn, from performance fees to subscriptions and bonuses. After you register you can go into the copy trading portal and set up your strategy provider account to start earning and growing your trading profile for others to copy.

Prime Broker Liquidity and Volume

Top tier liquidity means you won’t get too big for the broker. Liquidity is very important for serious traders wanting to trade big money. Trading with a broker that can handle your account is critical, and this broker has the liquidity and regulation to ensure you get what you need if you are a big trader.

Trader Trend Tool

Trader trend is a tool that shows what other traders are doing in terms of bullish or bearish percentage. If a market is 75% short, you might consider if you want to follow the masses or perhaps take a contrarian view.

Who is this broker and how can you get an account?

The broker is called FXTRADING.com and getting a live account is as easy as registering your details and adding funds. Your account will be set up quick so you can start trading their huge range of products fast.

If you still want more information on why every trader needs an account here, check out the review.

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