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The next bitcoin halving is coming. Are you ready? 

A quick recap

I think the last bitcoin halving caught many of us off guard. Not only those who didn’t invest early, but also those who did, but perhaps in the wrong place, or even simply storing in the wrong place. 


From dodgy brokers and unsafe wallets, through to downright scams, the world of bitcoin has it all. Those lucky or smart enough to keep what they owned through the massive rise are much wealthier for it. It made many millionaires, but will it do that again? 

How to Prepare for the next bitcoin halving

The next halving may result in huge moves. Check out the countdown if you want to be ready. Buying bitocins is one way to get involved, but there’s so many intricacies…

Sometimes, it is better to trust authorities and large bodies to keep you safe.

But when it comes to bitcoin, the worlds currency for underworld activity, who can you trust? 

The answer is… no one really.

BUT! What you can consider is the stock market, the body that is required to report true and fair assets and income. There’s a couple of companies you may want to watch. 

So where to next?

There are two companies on the ASX stock market that are aligned with these controversial assets. 

The first is called Fatfish Blockchain (FFG.asx). Very low in value and maybe a little shady in their operations. They should have had a ton of assets given the price of bitcoin but somehow have only declined.

The real prize winner is DigitalX (DCC.asx). This company rise and fell will the BTC volatility and is still in the game. With a price history set to soar, it could be the answer to the issues bitcoin holders have had in the past.


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