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Imagine accessing a free ASX Stock Screener that factors in fundamental data from stock’s financial reports. Forget about relying on P.E ratios and other concepts that everyone else has access to, line up for the information diving deep into the fundamental business data and financial information driving the underlying stock. 

ASX Stock Screener

Free ASX Stock Screener

As far as ASX stock market screeners go, this one is a doozy! This screener takes into account the financial condition of the business including a company’s revenue, profit, debt, assets. This filters down to data like intrinsic value, book value and earnings per share. This stuff is vital to the function of a business and thus, a stock. Unfortunately, scanning through hundreds (maybe thousands) of financial reports across the ASX stock market would take incredible amounts of time, so we’ve developed a scanner that tells us how a company is sitting financially. In other words, it looks at the financial health of the company. 

Best ASX Stock Screener

This stock screener could be considered the best, in that it derives an intrinsic value long term and makes it very easy to rule out non-performing companies. Depending on an investor’s objective, the idea of investing in ASX stocks is often to generate income (or capital growth) long term. There’s little point buying into stocks that aren’t performing on a company financial level. That doesn’t mean to say that stock prices have to be performing, becuase often that is where the opportunity lies, in the mismatch of good company performance but also poor stock price. It is no longer the flavour of the month and people fall out of love with the idea, but the company continues to draw profits meaning the underlying company holds value. 

Stock Screener ASX

Want to get your hands on the stock screener for asx shares? Register your interest and you can be sent the recent excel document and you can filter out the stocks that aren’t performing and dive into the better performing stocks. For insights into the documentation and user guide, see it here.

Tired of Slow Investing and Stock Trading?

If you are getting over the slow investing concept and tired of trading stocks, there’s a concept you might find interesting. Have you heard of funded trading? It’s a concept where you pay a company in exchange for the chance of getting funded trading capital, generally anywhere between 10k to 200k USD. Often the tests are around a 6% to 10% return without hitting their drawdown. 

If you feel you want to access more capital and you can pass a challenge, check this company out  or if you think this is a concept you want to go for, and want to know more on passing the challenge, this article might be a better read. 

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