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This page is all about Funded Trading. What it is, where to find it and access funded capital for your trading accounts and much more. 

Funded Trading Accounts

Funded trading accounts are accounts usually running on MT4 or MT5 platforms (for traders) where proprietary trading firms (prop firms) offer capital for traders that pass certain criteria. Often this is in exchange for an upfront fee which is paid prior to attempting a challenge or evaluation. many prop firms make most of their money through this evaluation fee, due to the fact that many traders to not pass the evaluation, and once funded rarely hold the account for long after their first payment. 

Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus is a prop firm offering funded trading to traders following evaluations, just like many other prop firms including FTMO, Apex Trader Funding and many others. 

Funded Trading Accounts Australia

Opportunities for Funded trading accounts Australia are fairly vast and mostly unrestricted. Many overseas companies have not faced the wrath of ASIC who have rules and regulations in place to stop local companies offering the opportunity to access capital if you have a skill of trading. This is great news for traders as it means we still have the ability to access capital in order to create income for our lifestyles, without already being wealthy as a prerequisite. 

Prop firms that accept Australian clients include FTMO, Apex, and more. Check out this article for a deeper look.

Funded Trading Plus Review

Funded Trading Plus Review is about the same as other providers. The daily drawdown is a little tight and the leverage is lower than other providers if you go for a single phase evaluation prop account. If you want the standard 2 phase evaluation, you basically get the same setup as anywhere else. 

The cool thing with Funded Trading Plus is the instant funding option. This does cost more, however there is not challenge! You jump straight in and start earning. Pretty cool!

Funded Trading Plus Coupon

Funded Trading Plus Coupon Codes

Funded Trading Plus Tradingview

Funded Trading Plus offer Tradingview as an option.  

Funded Trading Plus Scaling

Check out the Funded Trading Plus Scaling information on their website. 

Funded Trading Plus Login

Looking for trader logins or affiliate logins? Both are on the Funded Trading Plus website.

Funded Trading Accounts UK

Funded trading accounts are very similar to that of Australia, most prop firms allow clients from the UK to buy evaluations and get funded accounts if passed. 

Funded Trading Institution

There are plenty of options around when it comes to funded trading instituions, and they are becoming more and more popular. Check out this article to see more about these prop firms offering funded trading opportunities.

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