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Want to trade patterns in forex markets, but having trouble learning and identifying them all? The Manara trading tool maps out the trades in a visual way, so that you can see the patterns overlayed on the real time chart. Pattern trading with Manara is far easier than using your own manual methods and allows you to find patterns easily. 

It also allows you to set up alerts that make a sound when a pattern is incomplete (trading from point to point to form a full pattern) and also if it completes (and the tool shares a trade outline with stops, targets and entry).

Check out the Pattern trading with Manara video below and see if it fits what you are looking for in a pattern trading tool. 

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Pattern trading using Eaconomy Manara Trading tool in 2024 to see what trades are available right now (at the time of the recording), how they work and key elements to look for when using the trading tool.

This video takes you on a journey to see the range of settings, features and functions that make up the Manara Trading Tool and what the patterns look like, along with the display of the entry, take profit and stop loss once a pattern is complete.

This video also walks through some points of reading between the lines and thinking for yourself as a trader, how to identify potential setups that aren’t handed to you and also additional tools and resources that can be used in conjunction with this tool.

Remember, no one tool, strategy or guide will give you everything you need to succeed as a trader in the long term. It is important to research, learn and grow to develop your trading abilities.

Check out the website with more information on the Manara trading tool


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