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What is StockNet Institute?

StockNet Institute are a firm based in the UK offering funding to traders. There are two types of account offered at the time of this article. One is a Quickstart account where you receive just 25% of the profits however there are no time limits to achieve the required target and the cost is quite low. The other is an Instant Funded Account which is expensive compared to challenge options out there but you get access to the funding straight away.

StockNet Institute Review

Having received payouts from both account options, I can vouch for their validity as a company. On the flip side, they refused to contact for a week during a disagreement over rules. The reason was the account had been under review following some back and forth, however no update was provided and it was not advised the account was being reviewed again. The company eventually provided an update following several emails and days passing. Payment was received the following week as hoped for.

StockNet Institute Discount Code

StockNet Institute Discount Code is MM10 which will give you 10% off products. Before signing up with StockNet though, it is encouraged to check out Apex Trader Funding. Apex Trader Funding offer a lower barrier to entry challenge option that gives access to 90% profit split. Apex also gives access to market data which professionals use.

StockNet Institute Reddit

StockNet Institute are mentioned on Reddit as a subgroup.

StockNet Institute Discord

Head to our discord to get into the StockNet discord room.

StockNet Institute Trustpilot

Stocknet Institute have a Trustpilot account which has good reviews at the time of writing this article. Check out their Trustpilot here.

StockNet Institute Hub

You can access the client dashboard and see your accounts with SI via the StockNet Institute Hub. This is where you can see your accounts, set up payment information (where they send payments to you) and request withdrawals on your profits.

StockNet Institute FX LTD

The company StockNet FX LTD is the company behind SI. The Director of the company is Nick H.

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