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You may have heard about the Eaconomy Manara Trading Tool. You’ve probably seen a lot of social media salties giving Eaconomy the thumbs down along with the founder Hassan Mahmoud. This article dives deep into why people like you might want the tools within, and how to protect yourself from the risks of working with a company like Eaconomy.

Eaconomy Manara Trading Tool

The Eaconomy manara trading tool is a tool that finds patterns in the market, provides alerts when incomplete patterns are forming (so traders can get in on the final leg of the pattern forming) and when the pattern completes (so traders can trade the end of a pattern). 

What's the beef with Eaconomy?

I’ll start with this. Any true traders out there know people dive onto anything where opportunity exists and attacks it. As for the affiliate side, the same is quite similar, the masses like to see one owner or small group make all the profits while the lower ranks and employees make stipends based on a contract. The fact that Eaconomy supports the ability to trade and earn from marketing efforts makes it an opportunity that the cogs of society don’t enjoy hearing about, it threatens them and their current existence for a life that seems impossible to them, because without the work backing it up, it is impossible. So, let’s get to work and put in the effort to match the gains we want.    

There are people saying that Eaconomy took their money, but here’s the thing. Eaconomy takes payment for the tool which traders can use to help them trade, they get the tool there’s no doubt about it. 

The confusing part to anyone that knows how it all works is, they aren’t a broker and don’t hold funds on behalf of clients. So it is unclear how people are losing their money to Eaconomy. My guess is overtrading, trading blindly without any practice or experience, trading too much volume for their account size or the broker they use hasn’t been a real or safe broker (remember, Eaconomy is NOT a broker and can’t hold your funds so they can’t actually take your money aside from payment for a tool).

I’ll end with this. You want a pattern recognition tool? It costs money.

You don’t want it? Don’t buy it. Eaconomy provides you with what you pay for, a tool that finds patterns across markets.

Be smart, don’t fall for ANYTHING that promises big returns. Look into the data, research the actual figures (not some person who did the wrong thing and put it all on red at a casino then gave the casino a bad review).  Know that trading is a practice that takes effort, knowledge and skill to improve and develop, where you control your risk and elements of entry and exit in a financial market. Learn to see through marketing jargon and look at what you actually get. You get a tool that finds patterns, you can then use that tool in the markets if you choose to.   

Is Eaconomy Broker?

Is Eaconomy a broker? NO! 

They can’t steal your money. Your money doesn’t sit with them (other than paying for a tool).

Why are people saying they take your money? Who knows, but they don’t hold your funds other than what you pay for in a subscription to access a tool or services, but they aren’t a broker.

Eaconomy is not a broker, but you do need to be careful when it comes to choosing a broker, because the broker is the one that holds your funds, and there are absolutely risks when it comes to choosing a broker.

One tip, is to find a broker protected under an AFSL, which seems to be one of the most durable and strongest licenses in the globe when it comes to CFD trading. 

Check out the reviews of one such broker which is worth a look here

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