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Here’s the deal, trading programs tend to cost a fortune and you rarely know what you are in for until you’ve forked out thousands upon thousands of dollars. Who has the time and money to filter through programs that promise the world and eventually give you scraps from marketing material and a few tips and tricks you could find by running a basic google search.

So instead of hustling our people, we are offering 6 months FREE, packed with a ton of features like trade analysis, algorithms (EA’s or Expert Advisors), Telegram Channel Access and Live Streams for Algorithmic Trading Workshops.

Get the trades before they happen, ask the questions and develop your own strategy that runs on autopilot or even use our algorithms to take the hard work out all together.

How do you get this FREE access for 6 months?

First, you won’t pay us anything and we don’t need your personal details, banking or credit card information. We know it’s a hard turn off when someone offers you something free then your very next step is to hand over the goods. This is FREE, without sharing personal details (but we may need your email to verify you are eligible).

To get your FREE access, all you need to do is fund your live account with FXTRADING.com

Live Account with FXTRADING.com

Fund your new live account with FXTRADING.com and gain FREE access to the Global Finance Trading Program for 6 months.


FXTRADING.com is a broker that provides tight spread, meaning low costs and also brings traders fast trade execution which is critical for trading conditions. 

Additionally, this broker brings a ton of awesome features including deep news insights. 

Here’s a few other reasons you might want to trade with these guys, check it out

If you still aren’t convinced, you may want to read the FXTRADING.com review.

What Happens After You’ve Funded Your FXTRADING.com Live Account?

Once you have your FXTRADING.com account details and it has funds in the account, let us know and we will send you your welcome email.

From there, we will give you guidance over email and telegram to help you with any questions you have.

You will also be able to access the Telegram groups, Index Analysis and other parts of your free access.

This is an exciting offer, only available for a short period of time to a limited number of applicants.

Is it Worthwhile?

Many trading programs range from $2,000 to $20,000 and many of them have generic information. This means traders often end up joining multiple groups in search of what actually works for them.

This program covers a range of strategies and methods of trading which may be applied to several trading styles and interests. Additionally, there is no risk in getting in and learning what is inside.

FREE 6 Months Access

Index Analysis

Live Stream Algorithmic Coding Workshops

Telegram Trading Group with Alerts

Telegram Algo Trading Group

Pre-Built Algorithms for Auto Trading

Need Help Getting Started?

If you are stuck with the process, simply get in touch and we can assist you further.

Chat with us on Telegram

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