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Love using tradovate and looking for a prop firm that allows you to trade using Tradovate as a funded trader? 

Tradovate is a platform owned by Ninjatrader and if you are looking to become a funded trader with a prop firm using Tradovate as your platform, you’ve come to the right place.

What Prop Firms Use Tradovate?

Apex Trader Funding is the prop firm you are looking for. Apex Trader funding uses Tradovate and allows traders to use the browser based platform to do evaluations and trade funded accounts once they pass. 

Check out more about Apex Trader Funding here and view the complete guide on Apex Trader Funding here

Who Owns Tradovate?

NinjaTrader owns Tradovate, as of the linked article from the 12 January 2022. The previous owner was Rick Tomsic, of which you can read more about in the link on his name. 

Does Tradovate have level 2?

Depending on your data feed, Tradovate can allow for level 2 market depth across certain markets, visible in the DOM or Depth of Market.

Does Tradovate Work on a Mac?

Tradovate does work on a mac, due to its ability to be used on a browser. This is in contrast to other broker platforms that require a download and install which often is an issue on mac devices. This makes Tradovate a favourite choice for many Mac users, since it is far easier to access and use than many other platforms on the market.

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