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Tradovate vs NinjaTrader, which is better and a deeper look at both platforms.

Apex Tradovate vs NinjaTrader

Apex gives the option to trade with NinjaTrader 8 downloadable software program or Tradovate, if you have selected the tradovate option in their evaluation selection.

Tradovate Pros and Cons

Tradovate offers great tools and features along with the ability to trade on a browser and through your phone (using a browser also). This is particularly great for mac users, since Ninjatrader platform isn’t made for macs.

NinjaTrader Pros and Cons

Ninjatrader 8 software allows for automation so people that can code and want added features may have more interest in the downloadable program, compared with Tradovate.

Ninjatrader vs tradovate

Overall, ninjatrader vs tradovate really depends on what you prefer. If you prefer easy to use trading on a browser, Tradovate is the go. On the other hand, if you can code and like additional software features you may prefer trading on Ninjatrader.

Access to Tradovate or Ninjatrader

You can access ninjatrader via this link or Tradovate via this link. The other way to get access to ninjatrader or tradovate is through Apex Trader Funding. This way you don’t need to also source a broker.

Check out more on Apex Trader Funding here.

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