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Thinking of taking on the EAconomy Affiliate Program or adding it to your portfolio of affiliate partners? The EAconomy Compensation Plan is probably something of interest to you, and you want to know what you will get paid. If you’re already convinced and looking for the partner code, you can use this one: 

Get Started with the link and code below:


Referral Code: globalfinancetrading

How does Eaconomy Work?

Eaconomy provides a range of trading tools for forex, index, metals and crypto. 

These tools are used for trading, and traders use either a prop firm account, or broker account using their own money.

EAconomy Comp Plan

What is the EAconomy Comp plan? Let’s take a look at what you actually earn when you become an affiliate and earn sales through the EAconomy Platform. First, the table will show the customer requirements and dollars involved, then there will be more information afterwards. The button below shows the rules and requirements of the Eaconomy ranks, compensation plan requirements and how it all works. 

Simple Eaconomy Compensation Table

This simple eaconomy compensation table outlines a rough guide on total customers, the monthly income estimate and rank based on the sales volume made. This will of course vary depending on the products that your customers are subscribing to. 

RankTotal CustomersMonthly Income Estimate
Apprentice                         3 $               100
Influencer 500                      20 $               500
Influencer 900                      40 $               900
Influencer 1500                      80 $            1,500
Prodigy 3k                    150 $            3,000
Prodigy 5k                    400 $            5,000
Icon 9                    750 $            9,000
Icon 15                 1,000 $          15,000
Icon 25                 2,000 $          25,000
Icon 50                 4,000 $          50,000
Mogul 75                 6,000 $          75,000
Mogul 100                 9,000 $        100,000
Mogul 250               18,000 $        250,000
Mogul 500               36,000 $        500,000
Mogul 750               72,000 $        750,000
Legend             144,000 $     1,000,000

Eaconomy Payout Proof

Eaconomy does make payouts each week, it’s automatic and the funds go to your Eaconomy Wallet. You can transfer your USD funds to your crypto wallet as USDT (Tyga is the app they use) and from there you can send the funds to your personal own crypto wallet. 

USDT is linked to the USD value, and it’s easy to transfer the funds to your own wallet.

This is a confirmation that Eaconomy do pay affiliates automatically each week, based on sales and the affiliate level achieved. 

Currently sitting at a level where the average income is around $400 USD per week. This program converts far higher than any other affiliate program experienced to date, even with very low resources attributed to generating sales. 

Payments have been going for Global Finance Trading for around 6 months without a hiccup.

Comparatively, other programs generate about a quarter of Eaconomy.  

Check out more information on Eaconomy here

Start Your EAconomy Business Today

Are you excited to start your business partnering with Eaconomy? Imagine bringing in recurring customers paying every month and hopefully earning returns to cover the cost from the AI trading so that they will remain a customer long term. Fire up your business and enjoy the benefits! Use the button below to access our private training program that promises success if you put in the work, even providing you with the customers from our very own funnel, to get you on your feet and experiencing the amazing results we have seen ourselves. 

How Eaconomy Compensation Plan Works

The Eaconomy compensation plan works by allowing you to invite people to use the software created by the company. If someone uses your link or code to sign up and buy a package, you will start receiving payments in line with the compensation plan. 

The first requirement is to refer three people, from which you will then start receiving commissions. It also mentions you receive the software package for free so that you can enjoy the features and products the company offers. 

Below is a video on a product offered by Eaconomy, called Manara Trading Tool.

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