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An affiliate marketing business is a way of earning money by marketing other businesses through content containing links that point to purchasable products. There are many reasons why people might want to start an affiliate marketing business which we will list later in the article. 

Before we share with you the best affiliate program going at the moment, we will hit some of the core basics of being an affiliate marketer and what’s really important when it comes to getting traffic that pays you.

This article will have a focus on affiliate marketing business in the online forex trading space, so if this is your niche, keep reading for a ton of gems that will help you grow your online business and earn more money. 

What is an Affiliate Marketing Business?

By creating content in the form of blogs, videos and images, affiliate marketers can build a business that operates nonstop, attracting their ideal traffic that wants to buy the things they are writing and talking about. 

To dig a little deeper on what an affiliate marketing business is, it can be a range of things, but the core of it is, another business offers a program where they pay you based on sales they receive that are derived from your links to them. 

Let’s say you have an affiliate program with TradeMate, a trading tool provider. That program pays you $10 per customer you refer via a link they provide you with.

You then write about their trading tool and benefits, enticing prospective customers to buy by providing a link to the product of the business you are an affiliate for (TradeMate in this example).

3 Steps to Affiliate Marketing Business

Step 1 involves you finding an affiliate program that you like, where you can refer traffic to. For example, a trading blog might be interested in using the Eaconomy affiliate program and they enjoy using the Manara Trading Tool.

One way to find businesses with affiliate programs is to check if your preferred tools or products offer such a program. You could google the term “[preferred tool/service] affiliate program” and see if anything comes up.

Another option is to search for affiliate programs for [product type/niche etc.]. 

Step 2 is to write content that is insightful, intriguing and interesting for readers, then drive traffic to that content. Often content can be hosted on a website, social media platforms and more. A combination of your own website and social media platforms is a great way to generate organic traffic through multiple means. 

Step 3 is to work on building up traffic through marketing efforts, SEO and improving the content so that traffic comes to your page with the potential for them to click an affiliate link and make a purchase with the business offering you the affiliate program. 

Once someone that visits your site, clicks a link and buys from the website where the affiliate program relates to, that business pays you based on the affiliate offer. This could be a percentage of sales or a fixed dollar value per sale. 

Steps to Creating an Affiliate Marketing Business

Those three steps earlier outline the concept of how affiliate marketing works, so no let’s dive into how you can create and grow your affiliate marketing business. There’s more to creating a business in affiliate marketing than simply getting into a program and promoting some content, which means there is opportunity to develop skills, become better and earn more. 

Here are a few of the things you may want to use to leverage technology and how things work in the online world:

A brand and niche to operate within (google likes specificity) 

Your own website (to link to and act as a central hub for marketing efforts)

Content that sells (copywriting courses and a course called Project 24 by Income School is a good one)

Web and search analytics (google search console, google analytics)

Social media accounts and content

Affiliate programs that pay you for referring customers

Customers that want what you write about.

What Happens When It Works?

Once you get this system of content drawing in excited buyers, an income flow will start coming in. This will be an exciting time and it may be a small figure at first, but as the content gains traction in the system of search engines and social media platforms, the growth can accelerate swiftly. It can be surprising just how much income comes in from organic traffic, let alone when you find the key ingredients you need to get in front of people actively looking to buy who just need that confidence boost or additional information from your website and content.  

The Best Affiliate Program That Pays

The Eaconomy affiliate program pays recurring revenue and customers tend to hang around because they want the tools. None of this 5k or 10k product that people want to jump out of once they are in.  These customers want it, can get a refund if they choose and continue to buy month on month. 

Let’s cut to the chase, it’s about the money when it comes to affiliate programs (provided your customers LOVE the product). So to check out the commission plan and see what level you would need to reach for your goals.

Become an Eaconomy Affiliate and start earning


Referral Code: globalfinancetrading

How to Become an Eaconomy Affiliate

To become an Eaconomy affiliate, you first need to register using a referral link or code. They don’t let you just go in uninvited. The link below will get you in, and if you need a referral code to, you can use globalfinancetrading

Then you need to become an affiliate. Once you are in your Eaconomy Portal you can click on Orders (side panel) and Place an Order. Buy the Affiliate Marketing Kit for $29 USD (which decreases to $15 after the first month), then you can start promoting and filling up your sales funnel using the tips and methodology I will provide to you. 

Place an order eaconomy

While Global Finance Trading shares the insights into how to grow your business (it’s in our best interests that you succeed), you will be creating content and advertising material to help you grow faster and hit your first level of weekly commission payouts. Below is an image of the payout page where you see how much you got paid the week before. You also have an area where you can see your current estimated earnings for the week.

Sample Payment Eaconomy

As a rough guide, each new customer gives $50 USD as a once off bonus. Then based on your rank (based on customers in yours and your affiliates base) you earn a weekly commission as well. 

Let’s say you get 4 customers in a week, you would get paid around $200 USD plus around $25 a week on the lowest rank, which rises by $100 per week for a couple of the early ranks.

The magic happens when you have affiliates working under you that are promoting in their network. 

Eaconomy Growth by Affiliate Network Marketing

As you gain affiliates that also want to promote, and you place your customers in the left and right leg (see the video to get an idea of how the legs work), their customers than add towards your ranking. This means you can more easily scale if you help your team promote effectively. 

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