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Affiliate programs for trading are forms of affiliations with companies that pay affiliate marketers based on referrals to their products. Trading based affiliate programs aren’t too hard to find if you know where to look, and more importantly, what customers and your client base is looking for.  This article takes a look at some of the affiliate programs in the trading industry that affiliate marketers can take part in.

Types of Affiliate Programs for Traders

There are several types of affiliate programs available which will be covered here. Depending on your content plan, experience and interests, each may have pros and cons that you will consider when focusing on an affiliate program. 

Trading Account Based Offers

CPA or Cost Per Aquisition – When you acquire a client or customer for the program, you receive a payment per customer on their first transaction or interaction. 

Recurring Profit Split – When you acquire a customer, particularly for broker partnerships, you may be eligible for a profit split based on transactions or fees for the lifetime of that client’s account.

Program or Product Based Offers

Products – Products such as trading tools, software and other things that help people trade more efficiently or assess the market in different ways can be lucrative and exciting things to promote. Traders looking for better or easier ways to trade the markets are eager to buy products or programs offering analysis, risk management, data or other tools to help them trade.

These products can be either one off payments or are often sold as monthly subscriptions.  

What are Affiliate Programs for Traders

Quality affiliate programs for trading can be hard to find. It is often important to know about trading first to understand whether the product or service is valuable. Then it is important to understand why the target market will likely buy, in order to market it effectively.

If you want a product based recurring payment based affiliate program in the trading niche, check out this.

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