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Looking to join the EAconomy Affiliate Program? Let’s take a look at the program and how to be successful as an Eaconomy affiliate. 

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Trading Affiliate Program

Eaconomy is a trading affiliate program that offers tools for trading financial markets. For those with a passion or interest in trading forex, crypto or other markets this could be an option to look into further. 

How do I become a trading affiliate?

To become a trading affiliate with Eaconomy, simply register here. The program allows you to promote and sell trading tools on a monthly subscription, creating the potential for ongoing commissions.  We also outline the payouts and compensation plan information for eaconomy.

What tools can I sell in the Eaconomy affiliate program?

Some of the tools include a crypto bot, trade signals and an ai powered trading robot. They are offered on a monthly payment basis meaning commissions come in on an ongoing basis provided your customers want to keep accessing the tools. 

How to be successful with EACONOMY

To be successful as an Eaconomy affiliate takes a few things. It requires you to promote (marketing and sales). It requires you to understand what your customers would want, being realistic with what the tools and software provide and then being able to reach people with that information. 

As an affiliate of Eaconomy and joining under Global Finance Trading, you will be at an advantage compared with others. The reason for this is that you will have the ability to gain insights and advanced training in creating a business in the trading space. There is a massive focus on marketing and sales without the need to talk to friends and family. How many people do you know that only (or mainly) serve friends and family, that’s not a business. A business requires actual business concepts and implementation so you can work with people that want your product. We can’t wait to work with you, to join head here: 


You will be able to get in touch once you have registered and paid for the affiliate program access (it is about $29 USD then after the first month it reduces to $15 USD). 

What Skills will I Learn as an Affiliate?

You will be shown skills and techniques on a range of concepts to help you grow your own trading business. These include:




Support and Helping Others Effectively

Effectively you will be offered a “how to” on building your business from scratch. 

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