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Ultimate Guide to Eaconomy Affiliate Success

The Eaconomy affiliate program offers an incredible compensation plan for those who can sell the dream and reality of trading. Eaconomy tools including the Manara Pattern Trading tool which finds trades all day long, making it an easy sell for anyone already set up to trade and trying to find their own trades in the markets.

All You Need to Know about Trading as an Eaconomy Affiliate

You don’t have to know much about trading to be successful with Eaconomy. It’s good to have some interest though.

Many people won’t know much about trading, if they are interested in affiliate programs and internet marketing. It’s a whole different skill set and value proposition. So, if you’ve got interest in affiliate marketing or even influencer marketing, but you do have some interest in trading, this will share what you should know about Eaconomy and the Manara Trading Tool in order to find success.

Eaconomy is a company that sells a monthly subscription to trading tools, like the Manara Pattern Scanner.

Eaconomy is not a broker and doesn’t hold money for clients, so inherently they cannot ‘scam’ money. Those saying this simply don’t understand how things work and have possibly used a dodgy broker (nothing to do with Eaconomy). This brings me to my next point.

Encourage people to research the broker they use in depth, the broker holds client funds. Preferred broker: FXTRADING.com as it has all of the required legal specs.

Their Easiest Product to Promote

(It's even easier with our template and guides)

The Manara Trading Tool is a great product that people love. It simply offers suggestions and constant trade flow for traders.

Promoting the Manara Trading Tool means promoting the idea of trading and the ability for traders to make their own decisions backed by artificial intelligence and plenty of trade flow.

Compliance Tip: Never talk about returns, profits etc. it is uncompliant in most situations and looks tacky. While some people love to see what profits are made, it is best and easiest to avoid it. Additionally, once a person sees a return they sometimes get fixated on repeating that exact outcome and are disappointed if it doesn’t exactly match. It’s a financial market, every single trade is different from the last, don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Their trading robots, like Aithena are martingale systems, which look great for months but eventually loses most of the profit due to piling into a losing trade. For proper trading robots, visit this page. Aithena looks to be good, and it is until it stops winning, at which point the martingale keeps adding to a losing position. Avoid the trading robots, at least until they stop producing martingale systems.

The rest is basically about content creation and marketing, which we cover in the Eaconomy Affiliate Members Area.

Become an Affiliate

Start Your Business Today

  • Access to Advanced Training
  • Opportunity to earn Ongoing Commission
  • Work Towards Creating Freedom

Trading Affiliate Program

Eaconomy is a trading affiliate program that offers tools for trading financial markets. For those with a passion or interest in trading forex, crypto or other markets this could be an option to look into further. 

How do I become a trading affiliate?

To become a trading affiliate with Eaconomy, simply register here. The program allows you to promote and sell trading tools on a monthly subscription, creating the potential for ongoing commissions.  We also outline the payouts and compensation plan information for eaconomy.

What tools can I sell in the Eaconomy affiliate program?

Some of the tools include a crypto bot, trade signals and an ai powered trading robot. They are offered on a monthly payment basis meaning commissions come in on an ongoing basis provided your customers want to keep accessing the tools. 

How to be successful with EACONOMY

To be successful as an Eaconomy affiliate takes a few things. It requires you to promote (marketing and sales). It requires you to understand what your customers would want, being realistic with what the tools and software provide and then being able to reach people with that information. 

As an affiliate of Eaconomy and joining under Global Finance Trading, you will be at an advantage compared with others. The reason for this is that you will have the ability to gain insights and advanced training in creating a business in the trading space. There is a massive focus on marketing and sales without the need to talk to friends and family. How many people do you know that only (or mainly) serve friends and family, that’s not a business. A business requires actual business concepts and implementation so you can work with people that want your product. We can’t wait to work with you, to join head here: 


You will be able to get in touch once you have registered and paid for the affiliate program access (it is about $29 USD then after the first month it reduces to $15 USD). 

What Skills will I Learn as an Affiliate?

You will be shown skills and techniques on a range of concepts to help you grow your own trading business. These include:

  • Marketing
  • Sales 
  • Trading
  • Support and Helping Others Effectively
  • Effectively you will be offered a “how to” on building your business from scratch. 
You won’t just get the skills, but you’ll also get the templates and framework to build your affiliate business quickly, based off what is working for us right now. 
Head to https://eaconomy.best/globalfinancetrading/enrollment/step-2 and sign up as an affiliate to get started. Our team will be in touch with you to help get you fast tracked and earning as fast as possible. 

Gain Access to Full Affiliate Training

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