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Is Pepperstone a Good Broker?

Short answer, yes, Pepperstone is a good broker. Here’s some reasons why:

  • Client segregated funds (Client funds held external to the company money)
  • They don’t make the market or trade against you (straight through trade execution)
  • Trading conditions are excellent (spreads, speed of entry and exit, market times)
  • Plenty of markets and symbols to trade
  • Good support
  • Strong regulations

What is Pepperstone?

Pepperstone is a forex and index broker that was founded in 2010 and regulated by ASIC with an AFSL, covering the Australian market, which is predominantly a very tough market to gain and retain regulation. This bodes very positively for Pepperstone and its traders.

What other ways can I trade?

Get Funded Capital to Trade With

There are ways where you can trade using other people’s capital. This is an incredible opportunity for anyone without capital themselves. Check out how traders are getting access to trading capital here.

There is a test you need to pass in order to gain access to the funding, which you can learn more about here.

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Artificial Intelligence Trading Robot

Another way to go about trading is to link a trading account up to Artificial Intelligence (the new rage, using advanced computing software to make decisions far faster than humans). Learn more about it here, or hit the button below to sign up.


Education and self-mastery is a critical part of trading successfully long term. Before starting to trade, it is a good idea to get educated in the space. Learning and mastering a market or two in absolute depth can really help accelerate the process to becoming a professional trader. Using focus to learn and develop your skills can be very beneficial. 

There is a course on trading Index Markets, predominantly the UK100 and GER40 which have very specific characteristics to leverage. To learn more about the course, click the button below to register for more information. 

What does Pepperstone offer?

Pepperstone offers brokerage services and access to a trading platform. The products offered include foreign currency pairs (forex or fx) and index markets such as the FTSE (UK100), the DAX (GER40) and the US30 (Dow Jones), plus many others. Pepperstone also offer commodities like gold, silver and oil.

How does Pepperstone Make Money?

Pepperstone make money through the spread, or the difference between the bid and the ask price on entry and exit of a trade. Effectively this means that when you trade, you start off slightly behind (small loss), and as the asset moves in your favour you break even then move into profit. This means that Pepperstone (the broker) makes money when you enter the trade.

How long has Pepperstone broker been in business?

Pepperstone has been in business for over 13 years.

Pepperstone Review

Pepperstone has been an excellent broker offering the best and fastest execution I have experienced in the Index Markets such as the German 40 (Dax) and the UK100 (FTSE). It has been a challenge to find better market conditions and is still in progress for now, so Pepperstone is still the winner for Index Trading at this stage. Brokers tend to aim for competitiveness in forex spread over indices while Pepperstone have looked after the index market in the spread department.

Is Pepperstone legit?

Pepperstone is legit (legitimate), and has offered long term security and good trading environment with consistency. Compared with other brokers, where spread is variable, market pre-open times aren’t always respected, and execution feed can be slow or delayed or not even reflect the spread offered, Pepperstone ends up offering consistency among execution, open times and spread.

Is Pepperstone Regulated?

Pepperstone is regulated by ASIC under an AFSL which means it is regulated to Australia’s standards.

Is Pepperstone good?

Pepperstone offers a fair and equitable offering for traders, allowing the possibility of profitability. Compared to other brokers, where spread is larger, execution conditions are suboptimal or open times aren’t respected.

Is Pepperstone an ECN broker?

Pepperstone is what’s known as a ‘No-Dealing Desk’ (NDD) broker that uses ‘STP’ (Straight Through Processing). So it isn’t an ECN, but effectively offers the same benefits an ECN does. ECN is simply a technology, called Electronic Communication Network and is a form of retail trading access to raw interbank pricing. Pepperstone effectively offer this, but offer a scalable technology that allows traders to grow beyond that of a retail trader (which for many of us is the goal, right?). 

Is Pepperstone a scammer?

No, Pepperstone is not a scammer or a scam. Anyone stating this is probably a bad trader or doesn’t understand how trading works, and likely went in too heavy. Trading is a unique ‘sport’ where you can really only blame yourself, unless of course you are actually being scammed. A scam would mean the broker takes your money and does not honour a withdrawal when it comes time to pay out. This isn’t the case with Pepperstone, they offer multiple payment options. Just be sure to make your deposits from the same bank you want the profits to go into. This is a regulatory requirement to pay back to the same account deposited from.

Is Pepperstone legit or scam?

Pepperstone is legit as mentioned above, and is not a scam. You will probably see negative reviews claiming they are a scam if you look hard enough. This is true for almost anything online, but really just written by bitter, salty and unworldly beings that don’t get how things work.

Is Pepperstone global trading legit?

Yes, Pepperstone is a legitimate broker. In saying this, be sure to understand what you are trading and how it works because you can lose your money if you do the wrong things or even have bad trades. This is no fault of the broker so don’t go blaming someone else (the party allowing access to the market) for your own trading decisions.

Is Pepperstone available in USA?

No, due to regulatory constraints, Pepperstone does not currently accept clients from USA. 

Is Pepperstone a market maker?

Pepperstone has the authority to be a market maker, however does not make the market and instead hedges each transaction. Why is this good for traders? It reduces risk of the broker taking on trades that go against their favour and effectively means they lose money.

Is Pepperstone regulated in South Africa?

According to Pepperstone’s website, they offer CFD trading to clients from South Africa. So, yes, South Africans can trade with Pepperstone.

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