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How to Make Money Trading (Free Guide for 2019)

There’s a million ways to make money out there and there’s a million ways to make money by trading. There’s thousands of people out there trying to get you to trade their tips, but here’s what makes this different:

I’ve taken years to produce a series of robots that consistently produce profitable results, and you will see in this blog, the exact results they generate, and the secret behind how they operate and interact between each other as a portfolio rather than relying solely on one system (one market, one economic situation etc.). This combination of robots work for you like a salary employee pushing tons overtime for you.

And in this post, I’m going to give oyu a step-by-step guide on how to set it up, with zero experience and only a computer.  

It’s time to do this. 

Want to cut to the chase and get yours now? (It’s Free)

Here’s the link to the free support page where we personally help you get set up live and talk you through each step so you know exactly how to make this happen for you to be successful.

How to Make Money Trading in 2019 (Step-By-Step for Beginners)

  1. Choosing your portfolio
  2. Preparing your computer for ’employment’
  3. Figure out the entry method you like
  4. Begin monetizing from your little robots
  5. Grow your portfolio of ’employee robots’
  6. Develop a long term growth plan 
  7. What’s your future?

If you have never done anything like this before, your heart may start to race a little…

Is it reasonable to think something, anything could generate real money straight to my bank account?

In fact, are there people out there doing the things they actually love, or is it all just a myth? 

Well, let’s jump in and take a look at how it works and how you can literally test this at with no risk to see for yourself. Your questions may be answered in the next few minutes.

1. Choosing a Portfolio

First of all, if you’re in the industry you may have heard of robots. It’s a little like an ant compared with a colony. Robots shouldn’t be designed to absolutely kill it, here’s why…

  • Robots need fail safes
  • Robots cannot ‘kill it’ with fail safes on their own
  • Building a robot army makes for safety in numbers

Think of it this way, your robots will be like a colony of ants. One ant alone won’t get enough food to feed the ‘queen ant’. One employee alone in a electricity company isn’t enough to power the station. It takes many moving parts to make one really solid operation, and trading robots aren’t much different. 

Sure, you might get lucky. But luck isn’t a long term sustainable income that could let you relax.  

And why should you relax, you are yet to set things up as they should be, to yield results that are enough to sustain your lifestyle. One robot is not the answer.

Here’s why it isn’t enough:

  1. One robot will have peaks and troughs
  2. One robot will have periods of drawdown
  3. One robot cannot compete in all market conditions

Basically, you need several robots to generate an income you can trust. With just one, sure you’ll sometimes make some cash, but it’s not enough for your dreams to become reality.

In our case, it has taken years to develop robots that do what they are meant to, test for profitability, and generate a range of these that will stand the test of time.

2. Preparing your computer for 'employment'

The crazy part of computers is, they can repeat a function over and over again. Think about it! Any job or task that is repeatable over and over in the same manner can be done, 24/7 by a computer. 

The only hurdle is the code. But here’s the thing…

The code has been created already. But the code can’t run, without the machine. You already have the machine. There’s a few steps between you now, to you owning an ongoing ‘robot employee’ that will work for you day in, day out. 

The preparation might take around 1 hour to get it set up, if you run into some computer issues, you don’t know how to download things and you accidentally cancel things mid setup. That’s 1 hour tops, with a ton of mess ups and mistakes included in the process. But we don’t want you to do it the hard way. 

Want to take the easy road? Of course you do, there’s plenty of challenges, but this shouldn’t be where you get stuck. 

Jump over to our support page now, and we will help you in real time get your computer set up, hassle free.

It’s actually so close, the difference between no staff working for you on this, to having a machine running a set of staff (robot employees).  

The best bit… 

These robot employees won’t cost you a thing! The code – their manager, tells them what to do and they will repeat their requirements over and over again.

So, are you ready for your computer to start working for you? 

Jump over to our live online support page and we will give you a hand right now. 


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