When the MT4 order isn’t working, there are a few ways to work out what is going wrong and how to fix it.

New Order Button Grey (no colour)

If your New Order button up the top of your MetaTrader platform is grey, then you may be logged out of your account or have an internet connection issue.

How to re-login to MT4 or MT5

Try logging in as this is often the easiest fix to not being able to place an order or see charts. To do this, you click on File up the top, then click login to trade account. Then double check your login details are correct and the server is right and login. 

Check Your Journal Tab

The Journal tab down the bottom of your terminal is a great way to work out what the issue is. It might say connection issue or login unsuccessful.  

Market is outside of Stop Loss or Take Profit

Sometimes your order won’t go through as the stop loss or take profit is outside of the required parameters. Sometimes this can be due to the wrong order type being used.

Fixing Other Errors in MT4 or MT5

There are several errors you are likely to encounter during your time using MT4 or MT5. These errors range from logging in and connecting to your account through to placing trades and exiting or managing your trades. For a list of other errors you might be facing, see below: 


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