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Prop firms are restricting access to USA clients following a crackdown on CFD trading as MetaQuotes also seeks to avoid regulatory issues.

Since US traders aren’t allowed to trade CFD’s (Contract for Difference), prop firms have been able to slide through the cracks, since the US traders have been seen to be trading as a service to the prop firms rather than actually trading CFDs for themselves in a sense. 

As the CFD prop firm industry is relatively new, USA traders have been allowed to trade with them until recently.

Adding to the regulation pressure is Metaquotes, who clearly want to protect their status as a leading CFD software provider, and since pulling the pin on access for US traders even via prop firms. 

What do USA Prop Firm Traders Do Now?

Since the USA prop trading issue is related to CFDs, US traders will need to look at an alternate asset to trade.

So what can you do to still trade with a prop firm and keep trading the assets you know and love?   

Many traders focus on a market or two, such as forex, indices, crypto and so on. Some traders focus down even further to specific instruments. The great news is, USA traders can still access these assets via prop firms, but under a different format by trading Futures instead of CFDs. 

By professional standards, this is a much better option since the futures market is controlled and centralized so that all players have access to real market data and order flow. When compared with CFD markets, the order flow isn’t visible, or if it is, it is probably only a small portion of the market, not the entire market order flow that can be seen with futures.  

That means that US traders can still trade with prop firms that offer Futures contracts as their asset. Now it’s a matter of choosing which futures trading prop firm is best for you. 

Prop Firms that Accept US Clients (Futures)

Here are a few prop firms that accept US traders:

Top Answer – Apex Trader Funding

Setup Instructions for Apex Trader Funding

Secondary Option  TradeDay

TradeDay rules explained

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