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Here are the 7 best investments in 2023, DYOR of course and this is not financial advice 🙂

Investing in Stocks

Stocks on the ASX are listed companies the public can invest in through a broker like Stake, where you can access ASX and Wall Street (USA) Shares. While the market may be in trouble soon due to the global economic conditions, there’s always companies that will still do well or are undervalued.

One stock to watch is BSE.asx as it has been earning a huge portion of its capital value and been paying dividends for a couple of years, and best of all, has no debt. The issue now is, the expansion into new mining areas will use up capital and detract from dividend, possibly until works complete.

Investing in Term Deposits

While inflation is high, so to are the interest rates paid by banks. Unfortunately this is at a rate that will still probably erode your resulting value due to inflation. But, if you’re sitting on cash, there could be a good rate to be earned from a bank like ING.

Trading Financial Markets – Investing In You

While the is termed one of the most challenging things in the world to be successful at, perhaps mastering a skill over the term of a lifetime (on the side to your job or passion), could pay off long term. While this one isn’t an investment into a monetary asset, it’s more of an investment into your knowledge, in order to create the ability to earn from the financial markets incrementally using something that can’t be taken from you, your brain. Check out one of the best courses in the game, a course on Index Markets (because they have more areas to create an edge with, for retail traders).

Learn the ropes and how to identify trade setups in the market based on market function, a commonly overlooked feature of the markets which applies extremely well to index markets in particular.

Has your portfolio been yearning for a scalable, repeatable investment process that doesn’t rely on the market to be positive to benefit? Index trading allows you to go long or short (benefit when the market falls) and you can manage your risk to tight levels such as 1% at a time. It can actually work out to less exposure than investing in shares, more control and your money can be in cash most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, it’ll take time to learn, so start investing in yourself by entering the Index Trading course.

Investing In Property

Property is an incredible asset. It is backed by government laws and taxation legislation, often has an abundance of renters and is accepted as an asset that can easily be leveraged heavily, unlike businesses, shares and other investments. A property can require around 20% deposit, which is far less than a margin loan or business loan requirements.

As a somewhat protected asset, property also acts as something you can live in and in say 30 years time, once it’s paid off, you can live somewhere rent free (aside from rates and your general bills).

Unfortunately at the moment, prices are still high and rates are creeping up fast, making property a tricky asset to invest in right now. As defaults and financial pressure is applied to home owners and investors, properties will need to be sold.

On the other hand, many properties may be held without loans against them (which means they have no reason to sell due to interest rates). In particular, the baby boomer generation probably holds the majority of the property without a loan against it, since loans often last for 25 to 30 years and those that bought 30 years ago or more should no longer hold a loan against their home. This also means, that once handed down to the next generation, these properties still won’t need to be sold, which will hold prices up.

Invest In Online Property

While real estate might be out of reach, online property might be the go. When I say online property, I am talking about a website and social media. If you have a passion or an interest, you can create a website about it and work on a range of skills like digital marketing, SEO, sales, content creation, writing, video editing and more. Building a website can be a gateway to a business of your own, since there’s tons of ways to monetize a website. It can also be a creative avenue in terms of developing new business opportunities and revenue streams since you have a platform you can work with.  

As an example, if you had a website or social media page with followers interested in trading, an affiliate program about trading could be an easy monetization strategy.

Invest in Your Business

If you have a business, this could potentially be the best place to put money. By increasing the value of your business or making it more efficient, you may be able to more easily weather the economic challenges that may lie ahead.

Processes like automation, simplification of the business or even paying for a training program to be made so you can train staff more easily and more comprehensively, could really make a difference to your long term business earnings.

If you don’t own a business, perhaps you want to start one, buy one, or invest in the skills you need to begin one.

Invest In You (again)

Investing in your abilities, knowledge, health and performance can be some of the best spends you ever make. I’m not talking about a long term university degree which doesn’t end up creating the value you expected, I’m talking about practical skills you can use in your line of earning more money.

If you are in business, want a business, or want a job in business, skills like digital marketing, sales, financial acumen and using computers and software effectively could be highly valuable.  

Invest in your ability to earn, whether it be through the index course or in line with your specific set of skills, ensure you build a portfolio of abilities that the world will pay you for. Knowing you can generate money if you need it is an extremely valuable skill in this urban world.         

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