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Wondering if Eaconomy is a Pyramid Scheme or not? This article details more about Eaconomy, whether it is legit or not and also if it is a scam or not.

What is a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members on the promise of payments for enrolling others into a scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products.

Is Eaconomy a Pyramid Scheme?

Eaconomy requires the sale of products in order to be successful in the business if you are an affiliate. If you aren’t an affiliate, you don’t have to take part in the affiliate side of the business. In fact, most customers are simply looking for trading tools and resources to help them with their trading.

For example, one of the most popular trading tools around at the moment is the Manara Trading Tool which can be accessed by being a customer (not affiliate) with Eaconomy.

As with any business, the more customers, the more profit and referrals are a critical element to many businesses around the world. Are all referrals going to be classified as pyramid schemes? Probably not, and since Eaconomy is based around product rather than hyping up other affiliate sellers, there’s no reason it should be classified as an affiliate scheme.

What is a Scam?

A scam is an event or business where you do not receive the service you were promised, have been requested further money in a ransom style trade off after entering an agreement or payment, or simply being ripped off (and not receiving what you entered for in the first place).

Is Eaconomy a Scam?

Eaconomy offers a range of products, and delivers them to paying customers. If it were a scam, you would not get the tools showcased or you would have great difficulty accessing them etc. Eaconomy provides the resources and tools outlined in each package.

Why Are Eaconomy Reviews Bad?

There are plenty of great reviews, but if you have been looking at the negative reviews, be sure to consider what they are saying and review on a deeper level. Are they complaining about the product itself, or are the focused on the affiliate side. People seem to get irate when it comes to opportunities that they could be working with, but don’t have what it takes to operate a functioning business around it.

Look at any affiliate style program or opportunity that ‘could’ make you money if you apply the right skill set. It’s VERY negative out there, always by those who don’t make it or ‘can’t’.

Why Do People Shut Your Ideas Down?

If you have ever brought an idea of a business or way to earn money (take trading for example), you would likely have had the common experience of negative attitudes towards such attempts at financial progression. While this attitude doesn’t always come from a defensive or negative desire towards your success, it often highlights the inexperience or lack of knowledge that person has of the topic or concept you are putting forward.

Trust in What you Feel is the Right Decision

One piece of wisdom I would pass on to my younger self is to trust in the things I have researched and believe will be beneficial. Eventually I realised most of the negative talk around aiming for success is a lack of understanding, lack of care and in some cases a desire of that person to do better than you and perhaps subconsciously beating down your ideas and opportunities, unless they fit the traditional work, get paid earning more money for someone else (i.e. your boss) and retire old in hope the government may offer you a pension.

As I have gone for what I believed in, I have never been happier, stronger, healthier, more successful or more free to do the things I choose to each day. The traditional route wasn’t my place, but I didn’t know anyone outside of the traditional route. So I took the time to create and grow slowly over time, learn as much as I could and implement!

Is Eaconomy Legit?

Eaconomy is legit by means of offering products and trading tools and delivering them to their paying customers.

Is Eaconomy a Scam or not?

Eaconomy is not a scam. This term is greatly overused in real businesses, a scam is when something is not provided or holds ransom for further money that was not previously agreed. For those who do not like the product, cancellation is easy to process however most customers seem to really enjoy the products offered by Eaconomy, especially the Manara Trading tool.

How Eaconomy Affiliate Works

Eaconomy’s affiliate program is a separate add on if you want to become an affiliate with the company. To learn more about the affiliate program and the compensation package check out the Eaconomy Affiliate Program or if you want a guide on how to create an affiliate income.

Is Manara a Scam?

Manara is not a scam, if you pay for it, you get the tool you are paying for. 

The tool finds patterns on a range of markets including forex, metals and indices and sends you the alert in the notifications tab. 

You can also search manually, see success vs fail rates on different search filters and much more. 

For traders looking for markets that are mapped into patterns by price history, the manara tool can help identify potential movements, so that traders can assess the value of the potential setups. 

For new traders, it can be a great training tool, plus it even offers entry, target and stop levels on complete patterns. 

Some traders even use incomplete patterns to cash in on the probability of a pattern being completed once it is identified as forming. 

See more about the Manara tool.

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